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By ''revenge love'' I mean that this spell has very specific circumstances for casting. For me, I was seeing a man and he told me he loved me, and I certainly loved him, and he hurt me very deeply. He used me. He lied to me. He did a lot of things that wounded. I know I should try and forgive him, but I don't want to let go. Understand the repercussions of casting this spell. This spell is for people who were deceived by one who claimed they loved them for the sole purpose of sexual conquests. The goal of this spell is to make every lie they told you become true and the love they lied about having for you becomes painfully real for them. It is your choice whether or not you want to stay with them once this happens and they pursue you or to walk away and leave them in misery like they did to you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Two tarot cards: the two of cups and the devil
  • a picture of you and the person the spell is directed at (preferably together but separate is okay)
  • Rose quartz
  • Optional
  • clear quartz
  • selenite
  • pink or rose candles
  • other items the person casting the spell associates with love ie) an actual rose
  • something the intended person gave you for example a little love note, a necklace whatever

Casting Instructions for 'Revenge love spell'

A brief note: love spells are an iffy topic. Tampering with free will is an unethical thing to do. Revenge is also unethical. Keep that in mind and consider the possible consequences before casting this or any other spell.

Do this on a Friday on either a waxing or full moon.
Do all the things you normally would in preparation of spell work. Take a cleansing bath, meditate, cleanse your space etc. Get all your items together; personally, I would arrange the two of cups in front of me on the left, the devil on the right, and the picture in the middle with my piece of rose quartz right above it. The rest of my crystals I would arrange in a circle around the cards, or around myself.

Draw your circle; it is up to you if you want to call the quarters or any deities. If you want to light your candles or incense. Stare at the picture of you and your lover. Remember how it felt when he told you he loved you. Feel the security of his arms around you, remember how his lips feel against yours, bring back to yourself how much love you felt/still feel for him. It's real, painfully real. Draw specifically on the two of cups and raise energy. It's okay to smile, even encouraged. Remember how when you looked at him you felt that wave of elation sweep through you. Embrace that energy, fill the circle with that energy of love. Now spend some time thinking about things reversed. About how he hurt you. Think about him calling you up telling you he misses you that he was a fool to let you go and hurt you. Imagine him being completely enveloped and consumed by love for you and obsession with you. After you've spent a substantial amount of time meditating on that and making it real in your minds eye, raise more energy. Feel it vibrating through you. During this part you will want to focus on the energy of the Devil. See it clearly melding with the energy you already raised. It is okay to feel rage here. To feel how he betrayed you and how you want to reciprocate it. Now imagine yourself and the love and obsession you have felt for him as red ribbons that snake around you and bind you. Imagine this energy unwinding from you. The energy of the love that has bound you is different from the energy you raised, but now you will let the energy you raised feed the energy that bound you. Let it grow and meld into an intense love and obsession. Finally, once it is strong enough, close your eyes and send it to whoever it is intended towards. See this energy snaking around him and binding him with love and obsession and as you send it say the words ''let him experience the devotion he professed to have for me let him be made to feel in full what he evoked in me, let me be freed from the chains of love so that he may be bound by them. So mote it be.'' Close the circle and ground.

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In a lot of these love spells, there are pictures of another person. How do we get these pictures? Do we hide out in a bush?

Sep 21, 2019
These days social media is very helpful. The picture personalize the spell, if you can sketch the personx or just picture them in your mind it works just as well. You can also use something that belongs to them, or you were given by them. Anything that represents the person should work.


Is it the same for regection

what is meant by close the circle and ground at the end?

Jan 14, 2023
That is supposed to mean ''break'' the circle after doing the spell, and grounding is grounding yourself to refuel your energy.

What if you have nothing from that person. If they took everything from you that they gave you. Can you use a picture

Mar 20, 2021
Yes. Objects as well as hair, fingernails blood, so on, have an energetic connection to the person. Photos have one too, but not at strong. Some native cultures believe photographs capture moments in time spiritually. So taking a photo is capturing a tiny fragment of their spirit. So, if that's true, you would still have a link to them.

If this worked for you can you mail me ?

Can you use the tarot cards again with the deck after this spell?

Jan 14, 2023
Yes. After finishing the spell, you can clean it up and take back the cards.

its good to have one long informative spell, but it seems need some formatting because the third paragraph is too long and need spacing. So viewers can see it clearly each step.

What do you recommend doing with the ingredients following the spell? Is a mojo bag recommended? Can I keep using the tarot cards?

I & the person both are married to different people.we knew each other when we were unmarried & colleagues. He returned after 9 yrs & wanted a good relationship. I warned about the consequences but he was like he will die without me. We promised our marriages won't be spoiled due to our relationship. But after sometime he showed his colours by lying & just lying. I tried, I begged, I cried, I abused but again lies. I used switchwords to get him back & ask my mistake. He told me lies about his family. Now I want him to face the same lies turning true. But I can't get all the ingredients as I m jobless, no money & moreover the place I stay these things couldn't be found. Tell me something bit easy but super powerful

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