Skin Whitening

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Peoples are bothered all around about their skin color and keep dreaming and making change attempts, do try this spell and get the change. (Effective)

Casting Instructions for 'Skin Whitening'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your photo
  • Bowl with milk
  • White candle
  • Small handy mirror
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your photo
  • Bowl with milk
  • White candle
  • Small handy mirror
First light the candle, hold your photo in your hands and imagine the change you want,
Then dip the photo in the milk, and say this spell:
As bright as sun,
As white as moon,
Let my skin change soon.
With glow and shine,
Let the skin be mine.
White as milk, smooth as silk.
Let the change be,
Let change be see.
This is my will so mote it be
________________say for 3 times.
Then look in the mirror and say out loud in mind or by mouth,
I have white skin___x 3.


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Okay, wow, awkward spell aside, this does not work.

T be fair, some cultures do favor pale or porcelain skin as a beauty ideal. Usually because it is a representation of status. Pale skin comes from not being outside, not working in the sun. Not laboring. Instead you are rich enough to have others (lower castes) below you so you can afford to stay inside while others do their work. Similarly to how being overweight was a sign of status. Or long finger-nails (Work breaks and wears nails).

These ideals areslowly (but constantly) fading due to life roles shifting, making the chase for such ideals pointless. Beauty standards have been rapidly shifting over the last hundred years, with the pace quickening along with the societal changes born from evolving technologies and through it ways of life. It is far more efficient (and physically healthy) to learn to recognize natural and inner beauty. Beauty is within the self, not through the opinions of others.

Also, magic won't change genetics or modify the body. You might use a form of magic for inspiring change of habits, or to draw out confidence, or to explore the Self and heal negative self-images... But it can not physically change you on its own over any timeframe; Instant or otherwise. Doesn't matter if it is brightening skin, changing eye color, or growing wings.

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