7 Day Wish

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In 7 days your wish can come true, but also become your worst nightmare.

Casting Instructions for '7 Day Wish'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Piece of Paper
  • Black Pen Your Wish Sunda
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Piece of Paper
  • Black Pen Your Wish Sunda

Write down your wish on a piece of paper. Make sure your wish is specified, or else you will regret it. 

Fold up the paper and kiss it. Think of your wish while doing so. Put it under your pillow. Do this everynight. On the next sunday say your wish out loud 7 times.

The next upcoming week your wish shall come true. 


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Will it work

This seems risky and kind of complicated but it may definitely be worth it

Oct 27, 2020

Please, what is that mean ( you worst nightmare ? ) I’m scared but I can do that

How many wishes can I?

Oct 22, 2022
If this works, there shouldn't be a limit. However, you should do one at a time. For spells to work, you need magick energy and focus on your goal. Do this spell focused on the thing you want most and nothing else. [I'd also wait for the first wish to manifest before casting another so the energy doesn't get muddy] To see if it worked, keep notes before and after casting to see how you feel and if you notice anything different. [that way, you can see if this spell works]

The time frame makes me worry. I would say tangible wishes could work. Wishes to ace the final exam or getting a job you interviewed for. But if you want your dream home, and you do not have any realistic way of getting a house when you make the wish, I do not see it working by the next week. It might work to set you on the path to said goal. You might find your dream house in that timeframe. But ownership would be years away. This does not mean it failed, but it does mean it is not the right time.

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