Create a Powerful Magic Pen/Pencil

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Creates a reality changing pen/pencil

Casting Instructions for 'Create a Powerful Magic Pen/Pencil'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Unused pencil
  • Unused pen
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Unused pencil
  • Unused pen

1. Take the pen/pencil and place it in your dominant hand
2. Put as much magic energy into the pen/pencil as you can
3. Recite this chant 5x

"Gods and goddesses of all powers. Bless this pen/pencil within the hour. Enchant it so I and I alone can use it for magic. Make it powerful enough to wreak havoc. Make this pen/pencil powerful enough to change anything. Allow it to change even a living being. Anything I write using this pen/pencil will become reality. It can even cause a life form's fatality."

4. Say this 1x after you completed the chant:
"Gods and goddesses please do this for me. So mote it be. "


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This is sadly a mishmash of ideas without a clear focus or intent. It is not something which is going to be a successful spell.

As outlined, this does not work. You can enchant a pen and only use it while writing spells, but it will not turn what it writes into reality.

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