Become a Powerful Witch

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Think positive, think that it's true and it can happen because you are strong you can handle the pain.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Powerful Witch'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Six candles
  • Necklace with a symbol on
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Six candles
  • Necklace with a symbol on

Say this spell one time only. As clearly as it's possible. You have to speak really loud. Be carefull when you do the spell you can't say your name for 4 hours or the spell WON'T work and you will be in serious danger. You will have to watch the moon while you say the spell. Don't think about anything else just magic, forests and how much you want this to happen.

Put 6 candles around you and stand in the middle. Say the following spell 1x time while looking at the full moon. Wear a pentagram or a symbol that has a special meaning to you.

''How can it be, how can it be. Me (your name) to be this. Sister of forests, moonlights and winds let me, let me (your name) join you, to have the poweful power that doesn't exist, how can it be , how can it be, only me (your name) can be, thank you sisters, so mote it be"


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can this work for boys

Mar 23, 2019
Witch is a gender neutral term for someone who practices witchcraft. No spell will make you a witch, study and practice will. Many witches are spiritual/religious, some are not, but it's similar to claiming a spell will make you Christian, it won't, following Christianity will. Same with a witch. Just call yourself a witch if you want to, but study and practice if you wish to be ''powerful''.

Witch is not neutral it is for females. Wizard or warlock is for males.

Jun 28, 2019
Witch is used for everyone and is considered a gender neutral term in the witchcraft community. I've hardly seen anyone seriously call themself a wizard or a warlock.

Jul 01, 2019
witch is a gender neutral term. while some male witches may choose to go with ''wizards'' there isn't a single practicing witch/pagan/wizard that goes with warlock because it's an ancient insult that means ''oath breaker'' so the vast majority of pagans today see it as a negative term and go with witch [and to a lesser extent wizard] never warlock.

Jul 10, 2020
The literal definition of definition of a warlock is a boy witch so why not say witch

Jul 11, 2020
The etymology of the word comes from the old English word ''waerloga'' which means ''oathbreaker'' or ''deceiver'' it's only in a more modern context people began associating the term with male witches. Most in the Pagan communities still view the word warlock with its historical meaning of ''oathbreaker'' and use it as an insult.

@Nekoshema i have been practicing witch craft for a long time..some spells are working for me and some are not.can u help me to get better

Jul 22, 2019
Unless I can be present in the room and observe I can't help too much [please note I don't want to go to your house, I'm saying if your issue is energy I can't sense it unless I'm with you] the reason spells fail is a few things, the biggest one is the energy and focus, if you aren't properly charging/directing energy your spell won't have enough to work [you should feel it enter your body and pool in your hands, typically it's warm and you might feel tingles] also, if you keep stopping to check your place in the spell, stumbling over words, worrying the spell won't work, or thinking about other things [whats for dinner, did I finish my homework, I wonder if my friend wants to hang...] this creates breaks in the energy and can effect the spell. If these things are fine, then the second most common reason is the spells flawed in some way. It might call for an item that doesn't have the same magickal properties as the spell you are casting, it's incomplete, or a fake spell. So you're putting all your energy into a spell when it's broken from the start. The third option why a spell fails is either you're not ready to receive the reward [a love spell when you're still not over your ex] or it takes longer to manifest [a spell to become a millionaire would take longer than a spell to get 50$] you might also be casting too many spells and the energy is getting muddied as a result. Try limiting yourself to one spell a month unless it's an emergency and record any results [you might also be focused on a specific outcome you're missing the spell working in a different way] above all not every single spell works every single time, so if your rate is 50/50 you're doing pretty good for yourself.

So I can't say my name, but what about writing it? Or am I just thinking about this too hard?

Feb 10, 2020
This spell is fake, no spell will make you a witch [or a more powerful witch] Witch is simply a title those who practice witchcraft use for themselves. If you study witchcraft or follow a Pagan path, you can call yourself a witch. To become more powerful, you need to practice.

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