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This spell will improve your music. Whether you play an instrument or it's your voice it will improve.

Casting Instructions for 'Better Music'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:



”My music is good,

but it can improve.

I cast this spell,

to make it true.

So mote it be."


Added to on Aug 09, 2020
Last edited on May 09, 2021
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I would add this to a tea recipe (something with honey in it but won't make you sleepy) and/or do it about three times before practicing singing if you really want it to work. Otherwise you're really just talking to yourself :P I added a personalized chant at the end before the last like ''like a siren's voice, cast out at sea, my sound of choice'' :) I'm new but charms and chants were the first areas I learned about, specifically tea uses and love charms.

:P will it work

Apr 24, 2021
It will. I play violin and I was not very good so I made the spell and I improved a lot after chanting this before practicing every day.

It works

As outlined, this does not work. Spells require Magik and this does not include energy work. Plus, you need to chant for a long time, saying ''I want good music'' does nothing. Sit and reflect on your goal, imagine how you will reach that goal and how it will feel at the end of the journey. Let the Magik around you enter your body. Feel it as it travels through your body. Next, direct the Magikal energy into what you wish to improve. If it is an instrument, hold the instrument and feel the energy pooling in it. For your voice, focus the energy into your throat/vocal chords. When you feel ready, begin chanting. There is no set amount of time to chant, but it requires you to be present. The chanting should take you out of your head and into the task. When you begin, you may worry about stumbling over words, but as you chant, you will find a rhythm and lose track of time. That is the trance state for chanting. A simple chant can work, but it requires more from you to make it work. Once you have completed the spell, you will need to practice consistently. If this works, you should see improvement sooner, but not instantly.

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