Enhance Your Magickal Power

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This spell is not for beginners. It is used to enhance your maigick skills while protecting you from negative energy. It worked very well on me. Best for rituals and casting spells!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A piece of jewelry, preferably a ring, representing your family's ancestry. (My family is Irish, so I used a ring with Celtic knots on it.)
  • A necklace chain. (If you have one, use one with diamonds on it to increase the power and protection)
  • An altar
  • Extreme focus
  • (preferred) sage incense

Casting Instructions for 'Enhance Your Magickal Power'

Take the piece of jewelry and place it in your hand. Focus as much as possible on your magick flowing through your body and into the piece. Now see the magick multiplying greatly. When you have completed this step, repeat the following only one time:
Obstet negando efficere positivum impedit negative affirmativus opera
Bona tu accipies tanto tibi prodest malum

Afterwards, take the piece and dip it into the water on your altar. As you do this, say: By the elemental power of water. Now set the piece on the rock (or soil), as say: By the elemental power of earth. Move to the incense you have(this is where it is preferred you have sage incense. I'm not sure if it works with any other sent, but sage is the incense I have on my altar) Pass your piece through the smoke and say: By the elemental power of air. Lastly, go to your candle and pass your piece through the flame(quickly so you don't burn yourself or your piece)and say: By the elemental power of fire.

After you do this, place the piece in your hand once more and begin focusing on it's protection and enhance power. As you do this, say one time: By the strength of the elements, enhance my power. Let my magick blossom like a flower. Let none be harmed, enhance my charm.

Loop the piece onto your necklace, and put it on.

Know that if you take the necklace off, it does not undo the spell. But if you do take it off, your magickal power will go back down to it's original state and you will no longer be protected. Put it back on to amp up your power and protect yourself again.

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