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Use this when you are having problems concentrating. Maybe you have a project you really need to finish but can't seem to concentrate on, maybe you are trying to meet a deadline at work and everything just seems to be distracting you.

Casting Instructions for 'Cup of Concentration'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sugar/Granulated Sweetener
  • Cup of Coffee/Tea
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sugar/Granulated Sweetener
  • Cup of Coffee/Tea

A Runic Working of the Orange (Thinking Magic) Power

1. Make the shape of the rune Inguz, as shown below in a small amount of sugar or sweetener that you have placed ready on a saucer (don't worry too much about getting the shape perfect):(The Shape is that of a Measured Diamond)

2. Chant Inguz as quickly as possible, imagining your "sugar rune" glowing Orange (being charged up with all that lovely Orange power)!

3. Continue chanting very quickly until you can't chant anymore (you are out of breath or you are saying it so quickly you are chanting it wrongly), then you tip the sugar (or sweetener) into your cup of tea/coffee (or whatever hot drink you prefer).

4. Banish by drinking your cuppa! Simple!

You could also maybe use brown sugar if you like, to give it a bit more colour. This could be something you do on a morning before you go to the office so you are charged up for the day ahead.


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