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Ultimately, this spell is to protect you and attract what you need and is right for you rather than what you want and is potentially wrong for you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

Casting Instructions for 'The Secret'

First of all, envision a bubble around you. It can be any colour you want preferably clear for a clear mind, if that makes sense? Then see that it has a lining across it perhaps a silver, gold or pink line surrounding the bubble? I would now like you to envision a door in front of you. This door represents the thing you want most at this moment in time. That door is closed. This is because it may not necessarily be what is right for you at this moment in time. Now question yourself, is this what I want? Or is this what I need? In doing so you should now know the answer to that question. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Yes or no? Want or need? Now, in your mind look behind you. Look at every single one of those open doors that you have ignored and missed out on all the opportunities these doors have offered you time and time again but this one closed door is taking up all of your time, effort and focus. Walk away from it and don't look back at it anymore. It's closed and that's that. Now stand in the centre of this space and envision nothing around you but emptiness and a clear area. From this point forward you are going to say:



"I will. I can. I do. I am." And no more of "I won't. I can't. I don't. I'm not."



Focus on the positive and positivity will come. Focus on the negative and negativity will come. Do you want to be happy? What is happiness to you? Is it the idea of being married, having kids, having success in that career you've always dreamt of, living in the beautiful home for your family? Now really think about it...are YOU happy? Even with all of this are YOU happy? The picture you've perfectly been painting isn't so perfect after all when you realise that you've not focused on yourself more and put too much focus on what may or may not happen. Now envision a path. That path is going to take you where you NEED to be and not where you WANT to be. Feel the wind behind you pushing you and see that even if the wind pushes you into a mud patch full of dirt and rot and through thorns, you are still one step closer to where you need to be. Being stuck or hurt in the process is not failure or rejection. It's one step closer. It's a lesson to be learned. Don't mistake it for anything else. Everything happens for a reason. Smile and go with the flow. It will all come one day when you truly need it. Most importantly, be patient. Remain humble and stay grounded.

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