Curse of Achilles

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To gain the invulnerability and fighting prowess of Achilles

Casting Instructions for 'Curse of Achilles'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Cup
  • Belief in the river styx and Achilles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Cup
  • Belief in the river styx and Achilles

First say this "wind earth fire and water I call upon you to make this spell magic so mote it be." Next say this "I call upon the  river styx to bless  this water with the 'curse of Achilles' and his fighting prowess my weak spot shall be (  insert  spot on body here) this spot shall be my physical anchor  anywhere else on my body I will not feel pain or be wounded. my skin will be like iron when weapons and metal hit me it will just tickle and make a loud metallic clang noise and my emotional anchor shall be ( insert emotional anchor here) as soon as I drink this water I shall have Achilles' fighting prowess and his Invulnerability.  When someone touches my weak spot it will feel like a thousand volts Electricity going up wherever   the spot is.  I will be stronger and faster than any human so mote it be."

Notes  your combat prowess will exceed any human  and you will be invulnerable to harm except for that one spot you chose and when metal hits you it will sound like a metallic clang but if you get hit in your Achilles spot you will die just like Achilles  so I suggest that you don't tell anyone where it is and if you do make sure you trust them completely. When someone touches your weak spot it will feel like a thousand volts of electricity shooting up wherever you chose your spot to be at.



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is there any aftereffects to this?

Mar 13, 2022
'if you get hit in your Achilles spot you will..' see this spell is not working & not real, 'when metal hits you it will sound like a metallic clang', this is dangerous for kids who don't know and try to use metal rod to hit something, just don't do it.

Well you would be able to win a fight very easily and you will be faster and stronger and more powerful

May 13, 2022
What would happen if you had so much information about Author's profile history? Well, Hello Author, I have checked your Profile and History, and There are so many Fluff and Fantasy spells from Movies. (just clicked Author's Name)

I think somebody’s been reading too much Percy Jackson

You cannot become invincible like Achilles.

Dec 17, 2020
I agree unless somehow, SOMEHOW you magically find river stix and decide to tace a swim in it

Jan 27, 2021
Well, I don't think that would be possible unless you Astral Project into the Underworld. Although, according to Greek Myth, Orpheus traveled to the underworld without(seemingly without, that is) using any form of magick or astral projection. Maybe it's because the land of spirits and mortals were much more inter-twined with each other than they are right now, but can't really be sure. Also, beware of using caps to emphasize something. That's not allowed

Jan 27, 2021
His music was really good though, and music in of itself has some magickal power. So it could be that his amazing music allowed him to see into the underworld and enter it.

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