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This spell worked for me so mail me if it works for you.

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire or Werewolf'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Knife/badge
  • Cup
  • Picture of a Bat(Vampire) or Wolf(Werewolf )
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Knife/badge
  • Cup
  • Picture of a Bat(Vampire) or Wolf(Werewolf )

Cut or prick yourself with knife/badge and let it run a bit in the cup then point at the blood and say while looking at the picture:



   "A vampire/werewolf is what I want to be so listen good and listen to me I will become this chosen creature and (pick a power) will be my special feature."



Now drink the blood and burn the picture.


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Dude, physical alterations ain't real, and if you believe you are one, you need mental help, bro

You cannot become a vampire or werewolf.

Yes you can. Spells are spells and belief system. So yes you can. All spells work

Feb 23, 2020
No you cannot. Spells utilize Magical energy to work. While belief is powerful, it does not overpower reality. People believe vaccines cause autism, but it does not make it true. On the physical plane, Magic is limited by nature, as it is a part of nature, and does not contradict it. You are human, no spell will change that. Furthermore, not all spells work due to flawed design. A love spell could not work because the items used in the spell do not have love energies associated with them. Spells to physically transform you, however, do not work because they contradict nature, and Magic does not create dramatic physical changes such as these.

Can it also be used to turn hybrid

Aug 28, 2022
no. As mentioned above, physical transformation isn't real. You're human in the physical and nothing will change that.

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