The Dragon's Great Rite

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Or, as it also might be called; The 'other' dragon riding ritual. This is a ritual act of union with your draconic guide/co-magician in order to evoke the masculine and feminine within the mage. This not meant to be approached as an act of gratification, it is a sacred act and ritual of healing. Though... Dragons are intrinsically tied with the primal so buckle your seatbelt, and keep your hands and arms inside the ride until it has come to a full and complete stop.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -A comfortable place you can make sacred
  • -A Bell, Tingsha, Singing-Bowl, Chime, or other object able to give a lingering tone.
  • -At least one candle (electric is fine, any color though white or black is best)
  • -A favored incense; Lavender, Dragon's-blood, or Sandalwood can be considered ideal but use whatever sets the mood for you.
  • -A pinch of salt or other cleanser/grounder of choice safe to use in the shower.

Casting Instructions for 'The Dragon's Great Rite'


*Note* this is written assuming an already active connection and bond with a Dragon who has taken you under your wing as an active being. This is not a beginner's process, and is not well suited to calling on archetypal forms as they are passive energy and not active beings.


This rite is at once simple, but also advanced. In that there are requirements best met before submitting yourself to such an intense (potentially profound) experience. First is acknowledgement of yourself as a being of energy and light. Second is recognizing your Dragon guide/co-mage as the same. An entity of light and energy, an ascended master of the energies meant to be balanced and unified within the Self. One capable of offering the same balance and sense of Whole-ness to yourself to stimulate healing, and internal unity. And, finally, the agreement of your guide that you are in a position to benefit from the experience in a healthy way. Ultimately it will be the choice of your co-magician/guide as to whether such a rite will occur.


-How to begin;

Bring discourse to your guide however you may commune, be it through contemplation at an altar, offerings within a sacred space, or while in centered meditation. As you feel the being's presence express your desire to share in each-other's energies through union. Speak formally or casually as you wish, or as your relationship dictates. By the time you have enough comfort to ask for this, you will know your Draconic partner well enough to know how to go about it. And, if your partner consents, it will be made known in no uncertain terms.


-Entering into the rite

Begin with mindful cleansing. Bathe with running water, visualize the shower carrying away not just the dirt of the day but also the shadows in your aura. If you wish, use a pinch of salt with your soap to help ground away uncertainty, negativity, and the general emotional baggage of the day. Let it flow down the drain.


Prepare your space; It should be a place of peace and free of interruptions. Enough space to lie comfortably. Natural, low light (or safe candle light). Light lavender, dragon's blood, or another favorite incense (I have a soft spot for 'forest rain'). Ring a bell, Tingsha, singing bowl or other source of a bright lingering ring to clear the air and open the space to yourself and your partner. Kneel or bow in greeting, and invite your partner within.


“I call to you in supplication. Join me within this space. Join me within this sharing. Join me within this union.  I invite you.”


You will feel the presence of your partner grow. They will have words of their own to share in greeting and acknowledgement. It is your partner who shall declare the intent of this union. Feel the words wash through you. Hear the voice. Feel the touch upon your skin. See your partner within your mind. When you feel your partner's closeness and feel the time for talk has concluded touch your fingertips to your lips. Hold them forward as if to the lips of your partner. Though there is no physical presence, you will feel their touch within your being.


“My lips to yours, share with me your healing touch.” Envision sharing a kiss. Feel scaled lips and the heat of soft breath.


Touch your palm to your heart, then extend again to touch the chest of your partner.


“My heart to yours, Share with me the love of our embrace.” Envision a lingering caress, feel the heartbeat under your fingertips. Lay a kiss to the strong scales of the breast of your dragon.


Lay both hands to your belly, taking a full breath and feeling it rise between them as if the light of life were growing swiftly within. Then once again reach out to the belly of your partner.


“Seat of creation to yours, share with me the mother's grace.” Feel and hear the rumble of a deep purr, feel the warmth of love flowing through your being. Kiss the dragon's belly in reverence.


Place your hands to your lower regions and be open to the final invitation. Then lay them upon the region of your partner dragon.


“Seed of creation to yours, share with me the father's grace.” Breathe in the dragon's readiness and envision laying your final kiss. Linger over them until they shudder and squirm. Earn the adoration of the moment. Let mindful passion be your guide.


When the time is right your partner-dragon will take control and guide you into the final grand act. They may have words of their own to share, their own side of the rite to commit. If you feel guidance, follow it. If you feel an embrace, return it. If you feel pressed to the ground, submit to it. Be aware of your being, and the sensations of your energy mingled with theirs. Allow your trust, follow your instinct.


The joining may be primal, aggressive and passionate with pinning, shows of strength, teeth upon neck. It may be ephemeral, fields of energy mingling as clouds in the sky that blend into one until finally reminded of their identity. It may be as a dream, vivid and detailed in sensation with touch and sound and pounding hearts. It will be as it is. An act of sharing energy to energy, being to being. Commit to it in heart and mind. Carry mindful desire to find profoundness and healing and it will be received.


Answers to likely questions;

Does it matter if I am male or female?

-No. The ritual proceeds the same either way. You are energy. This is a union to bring balance- male to female, female to male. Connection and experience of both.

Does it matter if I am * insert sexuality here *?

-Again no. And for the same reasons.

"Will the Dragon take a human form/give a human feel for this rite?"

-No.  They will come to you as a dragon, entreat to you as a dragon, and fulfill the ritual in their true form as a Dragon.  They will intend to bring the full nature of their energy into the process.  Undiluted and undisguised.

Does the gender/sexuality of the Dragon I work with matter?

-They agreed to the union, did they not? That should give the answer to this question readily.

I'm heterosexual but the dragon is the same gender as myself. Can this still work?

-Yes, in two possible ways. The dragon will present a trusted mate suitable to your preferences, or (honestly more likely) the dragon will fulfill the needed role by presenting themselves in the most fitting way. Yes, that means what you think it means.


-Dragons are ascended masters, familiar with the physical form and nature but having let such things go along with the notions of propriety behind them. They are energy. You are energy. The goal is to bring masculine to the feminine and vice versa to inspire wholeness and balance within the Self. We are both, they are both and comfortable with expressing such. What matters is the expression of love, connection, and sharing to bring healing and upliftment. Not the form /method it takes.

Does this mean my dragon and I are mated/lovers/in some weird ghost-relationship now?

-No. It means you engaged in a powerful, personal rite seeking a moment of profound experience and Self-discovery. One could call it entering a stage of intimate trust and cooperation. Yes, it may change the nature of the relationship between yourself and your guide. But then, maybe the nature of your trust and cooperation already is in the same place as it would be after, and that is how the very act is able to come about in the first place.

"I have more than one Dragon-guide/partner working with me."

-Well then, you may have your stamina tested!  Or, more likely, one among the group will commit to the act while others may or may not observe, channel additional energy into the moment, or take part in other ways.

Should I be prepared for a potentially scary time, or to put my conceived sexuality into question?

-Be prepared to have your boundaries pushed. This is akin to a session of very intense shadow-work so there may indeed be moments that are initially uncomfortable or surprising. Or contrary to your ... err... alignments. Perhaps more aggressive than you were prepared for. Or involving sensations and actions you normally avoid the idea of. You will be brought to face yourself and your personal longings- ones perhaps even secreted from yourself. It is about bringing to you what you are missing to be whole.  If you work overmuch in the masculine, you may be shown the feminine.  If you lie too far into the feminine, you may be shown the masculine.  


There is a very good reason why there is emphasis on being properly prepared and experienced, and in trust with the bond between yourself and your Dragon compatriot before entering into such a ritual union. It is a sacred act of the deepest compassion and if you enter into it lightly, though your partner may not necessarily refuse, your world may get profoundly shaken as a result.  So do not open the door if you are not prepared to step through the threshold.


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Apologies for all the additional Q&A's and other asides of information in this one. I debated the idea of writing this out and then making a separate article with the what's and why's and explanations. But linking them together would have been an awkward bother, and I wanted to be sure everyone reading the one would gain the information of the other. In the end, this is the longer read but in my eyes the better option.

And, one more Q&A I neglected to include which has popped up on reflection;

''Can this ritual be performed with more than one person involved, such as a fellow practitioner or significant other?''

-Yes, with some mild modification. First, the usual requirement of your partnership being trusting and mutual, and all parties being of like mind philosophically and sexually (for obvious reasons). Invite the Dragon guide/guides into your space to bless and take part in the union. Invite the Dragons to act through yourselves if you wish, or envision it as a group affair. Enact each step of the reverence upon each-other with deliberate conscious awareness of touching, kissing, and appreciating not only your partner but also the dragon they currently embody. Proceed as usual.

This is a ritual, not a spell, so it should be in the article section, but that is simply a nitpick of organization. I find it a little too detailed, but I can see how it could help some new members. I do not work with dragons, but I question the invocation on the Wiccan Great Rite in this ritual. I question the nature of this ritual. While I will say their might be a rare few who have a dragon as a mate like a Godspouse, I doubt it is common and I highly doubt it is the next step after The Riding The Dragon ritual. I do not doubt this is plausible and can be used as a way to deepen your connection to your guiding dragon and grow on your spiritual path, I draw the line at the more intimate moments in the ritual. If one was to attempt it, they should do so well into their path.

Aug 06, 2022
All very good input. I admit I did indeed pull from the Wiccan great rite to inform how I put this together. Which also informed the ritual title... mostly because I had no idea what else to call it that followed a similar theme.

Speaking of which, referring to it as ''the other riding the dragon ritual'' was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek play on words (nudge nudge, wink wink) rather than to imply it was meant as a progressive or 'second ritual to the proper initiatory rite. I suppose levity fell flat on that one.

I've always been focused on energy-working, channeling, meditation, and visualization so what I do and experience is often spontaneous and intuitive. So I feel like I'm reverse-engineering to try and make a process which is guided, planned, and fitting to the spell/ritual-based practice of whoever might be reading.

I mean, if I was to do a literal description of the process I experienced it would be essentially ''Complain to your Dragon guide that you have been stagnating in your growth for a long time and you're feeling greatly dejected and alone in life with no understanding of why.'' ...Followed with a reply of ''Lie back.''

I tried to translate that into a way to specifically ask for and initiate an enlightening experience. One heavily reliant on having a strong connection with one's guide and enacted almost completely through visualization. I suppose I could have trimmed some fat with the un-asked for information.

And, you are certainly bang-on with the evaluation that this is meant for people at a later stage of exploration and growth. Though, this is actually outside of the ideas of full-on mating/bonding or Godspouse. It isn't a marriage or binding union. It is a singular enactment, a method of deep healing and existential release. Nothing more. (Or less)

Thanks again for the feedback Tadashi, it has been invaluable for reflection! ...Even if I want to relegate this version to 'first draft' status now, and after only 24 hours I wanna re-write it. ... Eventually. When I get un-lazy again.

Actually, if you have more thoughts, I'd welcome them. Even though I've studied and worked with this stuff for years and years this is only my second sort-of-from-scratch written spell. Feedback is always welcome.

While I'm not going to bash ones path, and if this is a progression in your path fine, but I want to say this is the first time I've ever heard of someone performing the great rite but with Dragons. I know plenty of Dragon mages and have worked with Dragons for over a decade and this type of ritual never came up once for me or anyone I spoke with. Yes, I can see this as a way to deepen the bond if you edit out a few parts. Dragons are like deities in that many of us never experienced unconditional love, so the love you feel from your spiritual guide might be misinterpreted as romantic when it's not. Yes, there are bonding rituals and rituals to deepen your connection with Dragons, but deepen it on a spiritual level, not physical [uh... astral? I assume this would all be done in trance or astral tevel] Overall, I'd follow the introduction to the ritual and then let your Dragon Guide, well, guide you. It might result in you being lead on a journey deep into your subconscious, or through the astral, or maybe just lying with them and meditating. This ritual seems like the type you would perform after building a bond with your Dragon Guide, so you shouldn't have a reason to question them.

Aug 07, 2022
Indeed. There is a uniqueness to every person who follows a Dragon path. And there can be differing results for differing people. It depends on the person and where they are on their path (and the goals of said path), and what your guide(s) feel will bring you further down the proverbial road you are traveling.

It also depends on how an individual has learned to view the idea of such forms of intimacy. Many Faith's espouse a purity in abstinence, viewing sex in any form as distracting or disruptive to 'holy' thought or raising of vibration. It is often considered survival-based and so grounding and anchoring even to the physical. While other, admittedly fewer practices (Tantra being the most well-known) teach that it can be a mindfully spiritual act of healing and growth through sharing intimate compassion, universal love, and selflessness.

It does not help that society is buried in a huge double-standard torn between the taboo of talking about it but the need to understand it. And Education doesn't help a lot as it covers the clinical biological process but not the emotional or philosophical ones. ... It seems in mundaneity the biology is fine, but the emotions are taboo. But in spirituality the emotions are fine but the biology/act is taboo.

I have often wanted to write out an article on the topic, actually. Or otherwise stir up some meaningful conversation but I don't think this forum has any appropriate places to put it where those mature (and appropriately aged) enough for open discourse can speak freely without worry of immature/too young people gaining access when they shouldn't and potentially getting the site in trouble.

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