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Volos is a pagan Slavic God of the dead, comerce and of cattle.

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Volos'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bovine blood
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bovine blood
Volos can be summoned to protect cattle or bring income but is most effective to call a dead spirit. It is important however to note that once you have summoned Volos you will need to ask him for a favor for which he will almost certainly demand a payment to be made, it is impossible to predict the payment but it is likely to be the casting of another spell to aid his work. You may not ask Volos to kill as he is a god of the dead and not of death however he may grant access to souls under his rule and even occasionally sell you a soul for the right payment.

To prepare the spell the blood should be in a bowl or cauldron, the volume of the blood does not matter although fresh blood works the best. You then need to cast a circle around the bowl before going any further to try to contain Volos incase things go wrong. With the blood open to the air Volos shall be present however to call him into being you need to say,

Volos I offer you the blood of your creation, I give to you your signature soul In exchange I ask for your blessing Come to this place for our negotiations''
If done corectly Volosshould appear apparently as a man shrouded by darkness however when i tried this in english I only recieved a dark cloud however his presence is non the less noticeable. To dissmiss Valos you need to poor water into the blood but be careful of crossing the circle if you have angered him.


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Im unsure about this cuz if i summon a demon there is no turning bk

Apr 09, 2022
You can banish a demon. I suggest researching the specific demon before summoning it so you can protect yourself as well as banish it if things go sour.

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