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Ok guys and gals, I've not been on here in a very long time but I'm glad to say I'm back. The first thing I'm going to point out is that yes, my ancestry is Russian, and relatively recently too, but no I'm not Russian myself, I'm English. My dad was from Russia but I haven't seen him since... well ever really so I've been brought up in the UK. That's just a note in case there's anyone out there who is or can speak Russian, I probably won't know what you're on about :)
Alright more important things I'm also aware I have a rather significant mental health issue going on which hopefully you guys won't encounter much for reference sakes it's DID, if you want to ask me about it I'm perfectly happy to talk about it but I'm not going to make a big thing of it. As I say you guys shouldn't have to deal with it much and as it shouldn't effect my behavior on here it should be fine.
And now the details of my life, if you don't want to get too bored I'd stop reading now, well to be honest I wouldn't have started reading but you're welcome to keep reading if you insist upon it. Right, as I said I'm British and although my dad was Russian he died shortly before I was born and the only contact I've had with his side of the family is with his mother (my grandma) so my Russian is limited although I did learn an awful lot about witchcraft from her whenever I got to see her. For a long time after that I attended a private school, but don't worry I'm not as much of a snob as that makes me sound, my doctors have all kinds of theories about this time starting my mental health disorders but oh well. Whilst I was here I lost a lot of contact with my mother too unfortunately but that's all been repaired now thankfully. After that I started up at university and you're pretty much up to now. Sorry for the whistle stop tour of my life but frankly I got bored of writing it so to put the whole thing in here would almost definitely bore you.
Right then onto magical practice, I like necromancy. Just to clarify, that does NOT mean that I raise the dead into an unholy army, rob graves, talk to demons, bend spirits to my will or any of the other rubbish that has populated the fantasy genre, all that works brilliantly to make a good story but the thing is about fantasy is that it's not real. What necromancy does mean is communication with spirits, although even this isn't exactly true as a large part of it is just energy manipulation and observations but trying to explain intricately just what is meant by the art is pretty much beyond my skill with any language so I'm not going to attempt it .If you really want to know more, and are genuinely serious I'll give it my best shot but please don't ask if you're interest stems from any form of fantasy book or film, I can almost guarantee that such a thing will be fake. So I've been practicing here and there for a good few years now, I hate to think how many, but I've accumulated a fair bit of experience now but I'm still not an expert on anything. Most of what I know is a compilation of self-taught fragments of information but that serves to get me by. As I'm now rapidly running out of things to say I'm going to leave it here and let anyone message me that wants to about anything, I look forward to talking to you all.