Blood Healing

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This spell heals your self or you with blood.

Casting Instructions for 'Blood Healing'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sliver Knife
  • Blood
  • Strong Mind
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sliver Knife
  • Blood
  • Strong Mind

*People who not used blood before don't use it.*

 Basic Way

1. Take the sliver blade and image a pentagram on it burning blue.
2. Cut on your wrist a small pentagram (do not cut deep or right on top of a main vain).
3. Suck on the cut and have as much blood in your mouth as possible.
4. Spit it on your hand using your finger draw a pentagram with the blood on your hand over and over again.
5. Think of your self were it hurts or were it hurts on some one else feel the blood clearing the pain and healing it slowly.
6. Lick up all the blood don't let any blood stay on your hand and dont wash it in till all blood is in your mouth and drank or given to the gods in a cup.

 If you have clean blood check by the doctor place the blood on the person wound do this on brushs though. Don't do this on cuts and feel your aura moving into the person healing them slowly.

 If you have flat mentled wax draw the blood pentergram on the wax make sure it settles then pour wax on top of the blood let it all dry then pick it up don't loss any of the blood this can be kept on alters to be used if your hurt in any spells or to heal any one by you.


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No. Do not cut yourself and then put any of the blood in your mouth. Performing blood magick is fine, but you have to be responsible about it, and consuming even a small amount of blood can make you sick. This is unsanitary and dangerous. Putting any of your blood on another person is also unsanitary, no matter how ''clean'' your blood is. In addition, keeping blood on your altar isn't a good idea. Blood can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria once it leaves the body, so you should always dispose of it quickly and safely after using blood in a spell.

Jun 10, 2019
I know this is an old spell, but I don't want anyone to come across this and think this is a good idea.

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