Unleash your Dark Half

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A spell to unbalance your moral compass and make your soul dark. Prerequisites: still(for lack of a better word) human.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A little hatred, knife (or something to penetrate the skin), optional: something to hold blood.

Casting Instructions for 'Unleash your Dark Half'

Get the something you chose, and make a small cut, if you do not have something to hold the blood, just make a small puddle. Note.. You will slurp up the blood if you chose to not have a cup. Let 10 drops of blood onto a table or in a cup, and chant,

Unleash, don't make a leash, I want me, to have no glee, for anyone, but my dark lover. Shove 'er away, make the pain, flow way. Gone, the happiness go, no-show. I wish to drink the blood, and make the hatred flood.

Now let all the hatred flow through you, and drink your blood.

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You cannot become a vampire. As for the darkness and evil parts, I have many philosophical questions pertaining to that. Why do you want to be "evil"? What do you consider "evil"? Would not your opinion of "evil" actually be "good" in your eyes, since you choose to live based off those morals? While we have laws that keep us safe and help society, it does not make them "good" or "right". People are still put to death for crimes from murder to being gay around the world, is it "good" because it is the law? Your morality may not align with society, as long as you take the time to understand it, that is what matters.

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