Become A Fairy actually works!

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spell to turn you into a fairy. (one that actually works)

Casting Instructions for 'Become A Fairy actually works!'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • leaves any kind it doesn't matter
  • a piece of jewelery (e.g a necklace or ring) I use a ring
  • belief lots of it!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • leaves any kind it doesn't matter
  • a piece of jewelery (e.g a necklace or ring) I use a ring
  • belief lots of it!
First find a calm room and spread the leaves out in the shape of a circle put the jewelery on and sit in the circle of leaves. Then close your eyes imagine what you would look like as a fairy and touch the piece of jewelery and imagine fairy energy going into the necklace or bracelet etc now while doing that say this:

Oh listen as my sweet wish sings
please grant me my fairy wings
you should listen to my plea
for I am to fly so wild and free x3

The wings may take around 5mins-a week
it depends on the person

Tell me if it works for you i would like to know because it works for me.


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Last edited on Feb 23, 2018
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You can not become a fairy.

Jul 31, 2023
As what you are saying is true I think you should explain it more for people, for example tell them ways that you could be a fairy like in a dream or imagination what you're saying is very fake and people have a filter for what they read they may think you're saying it politely or rudely you have to be more particular or somebody might call you very rude or something

Jul 31, 2023
As I have explained elsewhere, I plan to comment on every spell on this site. For the obviously fake ones, I am not wasting my time rewording the same explanation over and over again. When someone replies, I will provide an explanation. You want me to tell people they can imagine they were a fairy? Why should I do this? So they can ignore reality and be comforted by a lie? Yes, you can try mental or astral shifting, but that is not what this spell is talking about. It is promising physical transformation, which is not possible because Magik on the physical is ruled by nature and does not defy nature. You can work with fariys, which is something I have done for years, but I am not about to type out an entire explanation on fairy Magik when Google exists. Lastly, people have called me rude. They have called me worse. I am simply stating facts in a neutral tone. No more rude than saying ''The ball is red'' or ''Water is wet.'' People choose to interpret my statement as rude because I am saying ''what you want to be real is not.''

You cannot and I mean cannot become a fairy.The only true way maybe lucid dreaming or day dreaming to do that otherwise no you can't

Oct 22, 2020
This is a reply to Tadashi's post as well as this one: Please don't crush people's beliefs. It's like saying ''God isn't real'' to a Catholic, or saying ''The Greek Gods are fake'' to someone who believes in the Greek Gods. And, to those who'd reply with something like: ''Oh, do you tell your teacher not to crush your belief that, for example, 3+10=23?''; No I don't, and math isn't the same as magic, so don't compare school to magic please!! Just because you don't believe it'll work, doesn't mean others aren't allowed to either! Let them believe what they want to believe! You can say: ''This spell is fake'' or something like that, but don't say that the purpose of the spell is impossible! Thank you!

Oct 22, 2020
You might not like it, but they're telling the truth. They are just trying to help, and you can't transform into a faerie. If you still want to believe you can, nobody's going to stop you, but it'll save you time and energy if you just accept that fact, then research working with faeries because many perform faerie magick [Tadashi for instance. He's worked with faeires for as long as I've known him]

You can if you believe, you maybe scientific students but then also you should know the most powerful thing in our world is belief if you believe you do anything so why can't we believe and do something like this and we are not actually its not like just do a wave and we are fairies we are asking the forces of mother nature to see if we have the will and power for that and then only it would work and yeah if you don't believe in our on mother nature what is the purpose of being in this site. One more thing for scientific students I'm also one but i know the limit of it, science is also a magic, a magic of mother nature gravity is nothing but the creativity of earth scientists they just got the name its all the magic of nature if you understand what I want to tell all of you then remember science is magic of nature. There are too many places that proves science does not exist everywhere because mother nature is proving science is all her work. Another thing is that Newton saw an apple fall so he saw and then said something about it, you without even testing it once said it and if you may have tested it then also by what you said it proves one time done you left it as it is belief gone that's not believe. If you fail one thing you always try to do better every time you don't leave it do you so why about this. I am telling you believe is all it takes and if you now also thinks its not real or possible i'll prove you all wrong just wait and see. BYE.

May 23, 2019
No. Belief doesn't trump reality. People believe the earth is flat when it isn't, people believe vaccines are dangerous when they're not, people believe a lot of things, it doesn't mean they're true. Newton also didn't ''invent'' gravity, he observed an appple falling and wanted to know why objects fall and don't float, so he worked and came up with an answer. This doesn't prove that because he believed in gravity it became real. Darwin believes in creation and his discoveries shook his belief and reshaped it. You don't know how many times someone tried something, you don't know how much one has studied. Faeries are nature spirits, we are humans, magick doesn't contradict nature, this are well known, well observed, facts. No amount of belief will make you anything other than human, just as no faerie can become physically real. People are trying to educate so new members don't waste their time on nonsense like this.

Nov 06, 2019
Thank you Nekoshema. That response was very helpful to me.

Jul 06, 2020
nekoshema i respect you for spreading truth but you can’t prove the earth isn’t flat anymore than you can prove that any god that you pray to exists not to be disrespectful

Jul 07, 2020
We can prove the earth is round. We have a plethora of evidence to prove the earth is round. It's a scientific fact that we've known about for centuries. God's we cannot physically see so their existence is a little more up for debate, but we have photos from space, you could release a balloon with a camera, on a flat plane you can observe how the sky fades in the horizon indicating a curve. The earth is round.

Jul 31, 2023
... I don't have redemption for this I don't have a way to reword my thoughts into more kind words you're an actual idiot

I've seen shapeshifting with my own eyes. Just shut and go to your lucid dream spells if you believe in it. I believe in shapeshifting etc ad nothing can change that. If you hate it then stop clicking on it and ignore these spells. Thanks.

Jul 18, 2019

Jul 19, 2019
You saw it with your own eyes? Let's hear that story [unless it's that one about your friend running off and being tired the next day, because that's not actually proof of anything] also, why do people believe in lucid dream spells if they don't believe in shapeshifting? We tend to suggest astral projection as a solution because it's the only way you could transform [just not physically] and as for why we click on fake spells, depends on the person, I sometimes pick a random spell section and comment on a number of spells when I'm bored, otherwise I'm just replying to comments made by other people.

Reality is an illusion, illusions are tricks of mind, and you can control minds if you can do it well enough

Aug 06, 2019
Reality isn't an illusion, this isn't the matrix. Claiming it isn't real is incredibly dangerous because some people could think what you say is true and hurt themselves or others trying to ''escape the illusion'' when this is reality. There are things like the astral, and some believe if we reincarnate we could be reborn on another dimension or planet, but currently you are living as a human in this physical reality. Telling people anything else is morally wrong.

How do fake spells get 5 stars?! This spell isn't even possible!

Feb 26, 2020
The voting is broken, you can't downvote [also, if a spell has been on the site for years it would have gained votes which would add up to the 5 star] the rating system needs to be fixed but it's a minor issue overall.

Feb 27, 2020
Nekoshema Oh ok, Because It really bugs me to see fake spells being ranked 5 stars

Technically people cannot become faerys,

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