Beautiful Hands

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Gives your hands a more beautiful appearance.

Casting Instructions for 'Beautiful Hands'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • wax
  • cauldron
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • wax
  • cauldron
Melt wax in the cauldron or pot, you will also need a tray to pour the wax in if the pot you are using is not large enough. Once it is all melted let it cool a little, you do not want to burn yourself with hot wax.

Once the wax begins to cool and the top begins to harden but is still able to be formed, press your hands into the wax and chant the following several times:

Press my hands into this wax,
Improve my hands for where they lack,
Slender fingers and soft smooth palms
Vanish hairy knuckles and chubby thumbs

As long as the wax keeps the form of your hands the spell will work at improving your hands, but if the wax is ever melted again the spell will be reversed.


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Do not put your hands in candle wax. There are massage oil candles you could use, but do not dip your hands into regular candle wax, you could burn yourself. Yes, I know it says to let it cool, but be safe and get the right type of candle. If you get massage oil candle wax, it could help moisturize your hands, but it will not change your hands shape or size.

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