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I need some help
Post # 1
Thinking about doing a spell but I don't know if it works so I thought I can come here and see if anyone knows if the spell works

Here's the spell

Have Visions in your Mind


A spell to have visions in your mind.

Spell Casting
Chant the following three times:

"Hear my spell
Hear my cries
Spirits from the other side,
Let me have visions when iI need
To do a very good deed"

When you are done look into a light close your eyes and breathe, then you should see a vision of anything going wrong.

Found it on here but I couldn't get in contact to the person who made the spell because they deleted their so I thought I can find out if this spell really works
And I didn't do it yet but I just want to know if it's legit and the only question I want to know is well I'll be able to do this on command because I cannot do this all the time I might go blind from saying that light in my eye that many times but that's really it I'm out deuces
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Re: I need some help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

The chant that you have found here on the site is okay, it's not exactly a great flow in my opinion. I would work with it to edit and make your own. I would be direct in what you want to see or have a visionabout as a general statement might be too vague and your vision might not have enough information to do anything with. It's also not easy to just receive one type of vision like when something is going wrong or to just do good deeds. Visions are often personal and not the easiest to know what the vision is actually trying to tell you as it could be trying to inform of multiple aspects. I suggest working on meditation and trance states, practice scrying and other types of divination that utilize the mind's eye. There are also herbs like mugwortand eyebright that can help increase visions as well as crystals or stones like Tiger's Eye andSelenite.

Below are some links that may be of further help;








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Re: I need some help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hello, your spell looks good to me. it's all about where you are at and the types of Magic you decide to use. Sometimes the most simple spell is the most powerful because it is easy/clear to focus on. The more complicated it is, the more energy it CAN require. The more experienced and skilled you become, the more complicated you can make it.
-Focus on your reasons for casting the spell and imagine the end result. Listen to your gut and open your mind.
-Here is a link on spell casting ideas. Don't forget to utilize the Article section of the Spells of Magic Website and Goodluck!
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Re: I need some help
Post # 4
I will try all this
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