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Name: Drallex
Birthday: Dec 2000
Location: Where ever I'm sent
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 25 Jan 2023

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Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening.
I have been practicing magic all my life. I continue to seek knowledge and self improvement and encourage the same to the willing. Being a part of this site for nearly a decade now, you must know to filter out the nonsense while exploring it. There is a wealth of knowledge on this platform that would be a tragedy to lose.
Mainly Practice:
-Chaos Magic.
-Nature Magic.
-Spirit Magic.
Interested In:
-Sacred Places.
-Icelandic Stave Symbols.
I'll tell you where to look,
I won't tell you what to see,
It is all up to you,
It is not up to me.
Blessed Be.