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Cleansing, Grounding, or?
Post # 1
Cleansing, Grounding or charging?
I am an empath and I'm normally a very positive person but here lately I have been struggling to release my negative energy properly. It seems I'm constantly having someone or thing drain me of everything. I am reaching out for advice or guidance, something new.
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Re: Cleansing, Grounding, or?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

What I personally do daily to deal with an excess of household negativity is to ring a bell over a small box, where the negativity is stored. Within the box I keep some grounding stone chips. Chips of stones with grounding properties. Hematite is one of them. This is called a casket box working. This one in particular is designed to put negative energy to rest.

It can be cleansed periodically with smoke. I do not recommend liquids if the box is made of materials that liquids will damage.

This is a longer term working to help rid oneself of negativity.

Other protections can help as well. I wear a protective necklace with two charms on it every few days or so. Sometimes daily.

One of these charms is a quartz pendant.

Aside from that other long term protections can help. I keep these around the household. A witches bottle or protective jar spell are an example, yet protective sachets can be made as well and a witches ladder if you can make one is a great protective longer term method.

When I feel drained I hold a stone to pack extra energy back in. I like quartz for this, though I will use others. Quartz tends to work very well. Other stones with a strong energy can work as well. If you can sense energy, you can find a stone that seems to give you a little extra when you need it. It doesn't have to be quartz. That is merely a stone which helps me energetically.

Ginseng can be good to help boost energy. A ginseng tea can help to regulate your energy levels. You can combine it with other herbs as well if straight ginseng doesn't appeal to you. Lavender may be nice.

Blessings to you along your journey.

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Re: Cleansing, Grounding, or?
Post # 3
Thank you RavenFeet! Being stuck sometimes we forget things we already know.
As I haven't made any type of jar spell in a long time and I have everything I need. Right now!
I will let you know the outcome
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Re: Cleansing, Grounding, or?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

There is some wonderful advice above <3

When I have issues with negative energy I can not seem to shake I carry a black stone in my palm or pocket, however even just having one in the vicinity of the body can help one to release the negative energy whether it is our own or the residual we pick up as we brave the outside world. Black adsorbs energy and it doesn't matter what type but it will, and stones often transform energy into specific kinds. Stones can even be charged with ones' negative energy as a person pours their negative energy into the stone.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best stones for emotional distress and release. It is a crystaline boron silicate with minerals such as iron and magnesium. It can absorb negative energy and transform it into positive as it cleanses the bearer. It is a crystal and influences the aura so it works as a ward, offering protection as well as purification.

Obsidian, be it black or Snowflake, is another great stone for cleansing as well as grounding. A volcanic glass formed as the lava cooled too rapidly for many crystal structures to form, Obsidian is a protection stone as it influences the aura to help with cloaking and shielding. The Cristobalite or white flecks in the Snowflake variety is a silica and has the same chemical formula as quartz making this crystal excellent for balancing energy.

Many Blessing to you,


Below are some links to items I have utilize from the site shop;

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Re: Cleansing, Grounding, or?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

You have received some excellent methods to rid yourself of negative energies.

Something else to consider once you have cleansed yourself, and this is particularly important to those who are Empaths, is to create some personal shields to prevent being overwhelmed by negativity and to prevent being drained by those around you.

You can read about one method at least of creating personal energy shields at

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Re: Cleansing, Grounding, or?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I agree with Lark. Though It may be also worth spending some time considering the reason for your feeling drained and negative as well. Releasing the negativity may help with the proverbial symptoms, but it doesn't necessarily address the problem causing them.

Personally, I used to overwhelm myself trying to help others without any boundaries. No matter if I was tired, unrested, stressed, financially struggling, I still insisted on giving. Be it change, time, healing, a shoulder... and in the end I spent over a year in perpetual emotional, financial, and spiritual burnout. I worked 10 to 16 hours a day, six days a week, and got maybe four or five hours a day of rest on average. And when not working I was trying to shoulder the baggage of everyone around me.

In the end I brought myself to a crisis and was forced to examine my own lack of responsibility to myself. I had to realise many of these times I thought I was helping, I was enabling. Support does not mean relieving people of their problems. Doing the work for them meant stealing their lessons and growth. Robbing them of the power they could develop for themselves.

Someone comes for healing or energy working. I would help. They would feel better but go right back to what they were doing, living their imbalance and re-damaging themselves. But now with a crutch. An "It's OK, someone will fix me" attitude. Or, even worse, an "I can't fix myself, I need someone to fix me" mentality.

I had to reset my boundaries, and learn to look much deeper into the full nature of the people I tried to help. To become attentive to the whole. And, at times, to let go of the people who I might have been healing- but I was not helping. (For me, that was anathema. Believe me.)

I had people comment on how I changed. How I was suddenly selfish, or cruel, or abandoned them. I lost a few people who were friends at the time. And it hurt. But in clarity, what I did was get free of people who used, willfully or unknowingly. People who were around me because I helped them avoid doing their own work. Or avoid the emotional lessons they needed to work through to become better people themselves. I was growing, but in the process I had been stunting their own.

All people grow at their own rate, in their own time. Lessons come and return and return again, people make the choices and actions (or non) that draw them in. Until they are learned. Sometimes it can take only once. Other times it can take lifetimes. Either way it will happen and you can not stop or change it, because it is theirs.

My great-Aunt put it best when she threw one of her little pebbles of well-timed wisdom into my landslide-prepped face; "These people can't own their karma if you keep trying to take it from them."

My advice, look for ways of healing and helping that help the people around you help themselves. Make it a goal to step from healer to guide, learn what -that- means. You might surprise yourself.

I've always loved axioms... Here's one that might help you.

"A guide does not give people power. They lead people into their own."

Ok. Two axioms.

"Healers do not heal. They open people to the health within."
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