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Hindu gods
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Saw a thread about this and though I’d drop my 2cents.

I work with the tridevi (Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati as Kali) along w their consorts (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva respectively). The Hindu religion is extremely complicated regarding deities and how they are related, and different traditions revere different gods/goddesses and all have a different idea about how they are interrelated. It’s difficult to give one right answer bc what is correct on one tradition will be wrong in another.

That being said, as far as magical power goes I’m most powerfully drawn to Kali and Shiva. Kali is the dark mother who encourages us to do away with illusion and seek the truth. She also encourages us to take our rage or pain and harness it for good.

Ganesha would also be a good choice, he is the patron on learning/education.

Of course everyone’s perception or experience is different!
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Re: Hindu gods
Post # 2
Actually the deities are very closely related to the different types of spells and rituals one is performing. For example curses or hexes work best with affiliation with Shiva the destroyer, Healing with Vishnu the preserver and spiritual attachment comes with affiliation with Brahma the creator. That being said it does not much matter which deity over the nature of the deity. You would probably end up with a faliure with affiliation with Kali while performing a healing. However it is advisable to not usually connect the most powerful of them all: Brahma Vishnu or Mahadev (Shiva) as it can be quite difficult to chanel the power received from them and can lead to unwanted results.
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Re: Hindu gods
Post # 3
As an actual hindu (yeah my dad was born in INdia and so were both my moms parents)
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Re: Hindu gods
Post # 4
SOrry hit sent prematurely. Pardon the typos; phone is small. All the gods are one and this Oneness has myultiple forms.
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Re: Hindu gods
Post # 5
Thanks! My impression was that they are all manifestations of one greater power as you said, but in reading about it there are a lot of different sects of Hinduism and multiple different ways the deities are related. It’s not like some other pantheons where the relationships are a bit clearer.

I was trying to decide which direction to go and I‘ve been more interested in Shaktism, hence the focus on the goddesses. I do agree that, as with anything, you have to match the intent of the spell and the deity you are invoking. I actually don’t do a ton of spell work, more ritual and observing the turning of the seasons.

That being said I am still learning a lot and doing a lot of reading. I know how important it is to get mantras and correspondences correct so I am still working on getting a lot of that down. Finally I have no intention of appropriating anything and I do try to be mindful of that.

Thanks for your insight!
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Re: Hindu gods
Post # 6

All hindu gods are connected or associated with the magic they possess or they generate. I am a follower of Shaktism. Still I may help you to know which hindu god is associated with which type of magic. Also there are many forms of one single diety so i am naming the diety first ,with this mark (*), and then the subsequent forms are mentioned below. Also ,there are a group of such forms of who are classified together which will also be mentioned before.

The list is as follows

*Adi shakti (Divine Feminine):-

10 Mahavidyas-

Mahakali: ( goddess of time and destruction); associated with death , destruction, black and baneful magic.

Tara: (Goddess of protection); associated with protection magic.

Tripurasundari :(Goddess of beauty and the 5 elements); associated with beauty, healing and elemental magic.

Bhuvaneswari :(Goddess of realms and creation); associated with universal energy, healing and constructive magic.

Bhairavi :(Goddess of fear and death); associated with death, fear , black and chaos magic. Also helpful in energy sucking .

Chinnamasta: (The beheaded goddess and the goddess of motherhood and wish fulfilling); associated with wish spells and fulfills all wishes.

Dhumavati: (Goddess of widowhood, misfortune, harm and death); associated with misfortune , death , curses and baneful magic. Also related with loss , sorrow and widowhood.

Baglamukhi:(Goddess of mind, hypnosis and mental disorders); associated with mind , psychic, manipulation and attraction spells . Also known to drive enemies away .

Matangi(Goddess of equality and justice): associated with spells to seek justice and knowledge. Known to take away negativity from one's mind hence related with cleansing magic.

Kamala:(Goddess of prosperity); associated with prosperity ,success and fortune spells .

These are tantric Goddesses which are mostly called for divination in tantric rites .The above 10 can be collectively summoned to create one of the most powerful magical traps.


Shailputri: associated with renewal and snow magic . Related with childhood, happiness and new beginnings.

Brahmacharini: associated with grounding and meditation.

Chandraghanta: associated with beauty and marriage spells.

Kushmanda: associated with energy and solar magic.

Skandamata: associated with motherhood and maternity .

Katyayani: associated with anger, courage, strength and success. Drives enemies away.

Kaalratri: associated with night ,fear , curses and black magic.

Mahagauri: associated with protection, cleansing and healing.

Siddhidatri : associated with divination magic. She is the sole giver of psychic abilities and energies


Lakshmi:(Goddess of prosperity); associated with fortune , prosperity, luck and success spells.

Saraswati:(Goddess of wisdom); associated with learning ,art ,wisdom and creativity.

Parvati:(Main form of Divine Feminine); associated with healing , meditation and marriage spells.. Unmarried women who worship this goddess are said to get their dream husband in future.

Other Goddesses-

Durga:(Unified form of Trishakti); ends evil influences, related with all kinds of divination , helps only for positive means .

Ganga:(The river goddess of purification); associated with cleansing magic and salvation. Washes away sins .

Gayatri :(wielder of vedas); associated with knowledge, healing , cleansing and protection spells. Those who chant her mantras regularly are said to be untouched by by bad omen.

Mahamaya:(Goddess of magic); associated with divination and chaos magic.

*Adi Shiva (Divine Masculine):-

Ashta Murti-

Vayumurti:(Parent of wind); Air magic

Bhumimurti:(Parent of earth); Earth magic

Agnimurti:(Parent of fire); Fire magic

Jalamurti:(Parent of water); Water magic

Akashamurti:(Parent of spirit); Spirit or Aether magic

Suryamurti:(Parent of the sun); solar magic

Chandramurti:(Parent of the moon); lunar magic

Jeevamurti:(Parent of life); life magic or biokinesis

The Ashta Murti are the forms of Shiva that symbolize the elements of universe in which he is present and to which he gives energy.

12 Jyotislingas-

Somnath: associated with lunar magic and moon cycle

Mallikarjuna: associated with healing, nurturing , growth and the magic involving these

Mahakaal: associated with death, destruction and black magic

Omkareshwar: associated with positive vibration and sound of om

Kedarnath: associated with renewal and healing magic

Bhimashankar: associated with protection magic

Vishwanath: associated with universal energy and indestructibility

Trimbakeshwar: union of Trinity and associated with creation, preservation and destruction.

Ghusmeshwar: associated with healing , protection and peace

Nageshwar: associated with serpents

Vaidyanath: associated with healing and herb magic

Rameshwar: associated with new beginnings and conquests

Jyotislingas are not generally called for divination. Still ,their correspondences are metioned above.

Other forms of shiva -

Bhairav:(God of fear); chaos magic and black magic.

Veerabhadra:(avatar of Shiva); associated with courage , confidence, revenge and vengeful magic

Nataraja:(God of dance); associated with punishment, destruction and memory spells. Summon to destroy forget spells.

Hanuman:(avatar of shiva); associated with protection magic. Only his name is just appropriate to drive away evil.


Brahma: (Creator); associated with constructive and spiritual magic.

Vishnu:(Preserver); associated with protection and healing magic.

Shiva:(Destroyer); associated with destructive and cleansing magic . Also related to marriage spells . Unmarried women keep fasts for shiva on 16 consecutive mondays to get their dream husbands .

*Other gods :-

Indra:(Rain god); Rain and weather spells .

Kartikeya:(God of war); conflict and banishing spells.

Ganesha:(God of new beginnings); wisdom spells and removal of obstacles. He is the one who is worshipped on new beginnings. A beginning without his worship is said to be forbidden.

Kamadeva:(God of love); associated with all kinds of love and beauty spells.

Vishwakarma:(God of engineering and architecture); associated with creative spells.

Ashwini kumars:(Twin Gods of healing); associated with healing and herb magic.

The others may be continued the same chain . I am not continuing here since the post has been too long . Sorry for the inconvenience.

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