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Crystal Ball Scrying
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Hello! I wanted to offer a paper I wrote on crystal ball divination.

Crystal Ball Reading.

Crystal ball reading is a worthwhile practice to get into, it is a great way to access knowledge that one normally cannot access. After a bit of practice, you will form an awesome relationship with your crystal ball resulting in more in-depth readings.

What do you see in the ball?

Crystal ball reading works differently for different people. Some see different colored clouds form in the ball that have different symbolic meanings like black clouds meaning negative things to come or white clouds meaning fortune.

Being colorblind, this method did not work for me as I cannot always perceive the colors as what they are.

I see images in the crystal ball. Sometimes still images, sometimes I see things happening, but I believe the most profound things about gazing at the images is that I often feel strong emotions when I see them. I think these emotions are important to interpreting the meaning of what you see.

Where do the images/visions come from?

There is some debate about where these actual images come from. Some believe that staring at the crystal/shiny object, you are able to access your subconscious mind and be able to visualize this information with your mind’s eye. I feel like this is where you’d see more colorful clouds than images. I don't really consider this method as divination as you are simply relying on yourself for these visions.

The other kind of crystal ball reading claims that these images come from a supernatural power such as a deity or the moon. My personal theory is that the crystal ball acts as a sort of viewing glass into the spiritual world/spiritual energies that exist around us. I have seen many things in the ball that felt as if I was experiencing the presence of other beings.

The Safety of Scrying.

It is important to remember to be safe when scrying with your crystal. Whether you believe that you are tapping into your subconscious or getting answers from the divine, you are opening yourself up to negative energy when you use the ball.

I have had negative experiences with the crystal before that have been rather intense. These negative sessions tend to happen when my mind is not at peace or I already am enshrouded in negative energy (Thoughts, emotions).

During a particularly bad experience, I saw the Hindu God Shiva as well as a demon. (this is the only time I have ever seen a demon) This was extremely unsettling at the time.

To avoid these experiences, one should try to meditate and clear the mind as well as cleanse the space that the reading will be done with sage, incense, and salt.

The crystal should be covered when not in use.

How to scry (The meat and taters)

So I am a firm believer in making your magical experiences as personal as possible. I believe that the best rituals/ spells are the ones you create yourself. When you created a ritual, your intention and constitution will have a much deeper bond to whatever you are doing than if you just found some spell off the internet. I will tell you how one of my sessions go from my perspective.

It is good to charge your crystal ball under the full moon before using it.

First is first, I set up my altar and candles for the reading and do a quick cleansing of the space with sage, or incense. Then I renew the salt circle around the crystal ball on my altar. I usually meditate in front of my altar, maybe do a spell to maintain focus during the ritual.

Then I will use some sort of mind altering substance to reach a different, calmer state of consciousness so that I may be more receptive to spiritual energy. The Crystal ball is the TV and you are the antennae; you can have a great crystal ball, but if you can’t become receptive to Spiritual energy/ opening your subconscious, your readings will not be the best.

If I am doing a reading for myself I just set up my chair in front of the altar then gaze into the ball. Usually between 30-60 seconds I’ll see my first image. At this point I let the ball do the work and watch as the images change and try and figure out what they mean.

Usually at the end of the session, the images become more spaced out and eventually stop appearing. I thank the ball and put out my candles.

If I am doing a reading for another person, I set up my phone for a video chat or a chair for another person to sit during the reading. Again I sit in silence focusing on the ball and usually see images within a minute. Interactions with the other person such as them asking questions can make the images change or become more clear/cloudy.

I usually have to end readings with others once I get a headache, I think that the added spiritual energy is a little much for my mind to process.

Types of Crystal balls.

As with using crystals and stones in other magical applications, The material of your crystal ball makes a difference to what sort of images you see.

If you are seeking answers about a friend, perhaps a jade ball is the way to go, or Jasper if you are coming across a task that requires courage.

Unfortunately I have not looked into different crystal ball types other than quartz as that is what I use right now.

There are two main types of crystal balls: clear and natural crystals. Many crystal balls that are completely clear are made of a refined version of whatever crystal they are. My crystal ball is refined quartz. These crystal balls are cheaper than natural crystals.

Natural Crystal balls are nice as they are actually a big crystal formed into a sphere and polished. These crystal balls are awesome but really pricey compared to refined crystal. The refined crystal works great for me but I cannot wait to get a natural crystal ball.

Here is a link to my crystal ball, it was $44

In Closing

I think the most important part of crystal ball reading is being calm throughout the reading and taking all of the safety measures so you do not invite negative energy into your home. You will bond with a crystal ball as you use it and you will get better at using the ball over time.

I wish you all luck in your scrying!

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