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Spiritual Cleansings
By: / Beginner
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I just wanted to take a brief moment and write this thread concerning spiritual cleansing. Just as how our physical body gathers dirt and germs we too can pick up bad stuff from our surroundings in our spiritual bodies. Likewise, we can also get sick from these energies as well, both physically and also spirituality. So it would only seem logical to clean not only the seen filth, but also the unseen. How this is done differs from person to person and each person will have their own type of technique. In here I will be discussing different methods and how I cleanse myself.

Method 1: Spiritual Baths

Common in hoodoo, spiritual baths are done by bathing yourself in specially prepared water mixed with various herbs. Hyssop is generally used, but other herbs can be also, like burdock root or eucalyptus leaves. Other herbs to conjoin with this could be bay leaves, to protect against evil spirits or curses, or agrimony, for reversing something that has been done by you. Remember not to use herbs your allergic too.

Method 2: Sage

Sage and other smudge sticks are not only just good for cleansing, but also blessings. You can get sage at almost any new age or occult shop. Its great for raising vibrations, p!us evil spirits hate this. Another option is cedar, which is also another type of smudge stick and can be easily acquired.

Method 3: Meditation

For all you meditators out there you probably already know this. Meditation can be great tool to highten your vibration and to lose negative energy. The best thing about this is that it requires no tools. You could if you want light a candle or incense and listen to music, but that's optional. I'm not gonna go full detail into this, because we have a lot of information on this site, but all you really need to do is ground and center yourself.

Method 4: Candles h

This is my preferred method and all you need is a candle, white preferably. I usually pray over the candle (psalm 23) and ask my Ancestors and my God to help cleanse me. What you could do is pray over it anyway you want too and ask whatever or who ever you worship or work with to help you the same way I do it. Do downward motions on your body and work from your head to your toes.

When to cleanse yourself:

I recommend figuring out a day, for at least once a week, to cleanse yourself. It could be hard to find such date if you live a busy lifestyle and don't have time, but don't let yourself become e spiritual mess. Its also best to cleanse yourself when you visit a graveyard or even after a hospital visit. If your spiritually sensitive like me, you can feel when there's so much negativity in a room or place. Your surroundings feel heavy, start to feel sad for no reason, or perhaps you even start to feel Ill. Places that have a dark history and areas that people die frequently or feel sad at are good reasons to cleanse yourself, regardless of what other people think. But if you feel you don't have too, that okay too. Just remember to stay safe.

People are another reason to .cleanse yourself. Thoughts direct energy and if that thought was about you it can start to effect you over time. People who argue with each other each day can riddle themselves with spiritual germs that could later turn into a physical sicknesses. A lot of times when people are cursed they are there own culprit who caused it in the first place. They just think so badly of themselves they start to project what they created in their own head. Sadly, even if they do cleanse them selves they are doomed to curse their selves again if keep thinking those same thoughts.

Remember guys all you really need to do is c!eanse yourself weekly (at the most) and if you have any questions feel free and ask. :)
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Re: Spiritual Cleansings
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Thanks for posting. Perhaps a new person will need it.
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