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Name: PapaBear
Location: In the woods
Gender: Male
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Greetings! I am PapaBear, but my friends call me PBear or Pops.

I am 24 yrs old and love learning new things. I'm real nice guy who thinks with his heart and I don't like judgmental or narrow minded thinking. My main goal on this site is to learn and meet new friends. I love everyone, but I will correct you when your wrong. I am always looking forward meeting new people. I don't really get the chance to socialize much, but I am a social butterfly on the internet. I can be silly at times and other times I can be serious, but I am actually just a chill person.

One of my favorite things to do is play online games on my PC. This will entertain for a while, then I will go back to my studies. You will find me here a lot most of my time, lurking and studying different things as people chat and go on with their lives. I am crazy for Chinese food, well the American kind at least, and like exploring graveyards. I can be quite morbid and strange if you get to know me. But if you wish to understand me better just shoot me a message you know? I am usually on everyday.


My Magical Side

I'm just a simple witch trying to find his place in this world. I do not classify as anything but that, though I wish I could call my path something in particular in the near future. My  practices are aligned with ancestor worship, but please don't assume I actually worship them, that's just what I call it.

I was spiritually gifted with the ability of mediumship at a young age. That meant I had the capability to talk to the dead. Though I am not good at it like I use to be, I am trying repair the damage I've done. This is due to bad experiences of abusing the power I had and major waves of evil spirits that  tormented me till I fell into deep psychosis. This  tore my gift into two and now It left me with a nasty scar that is still healing. In the future I wish to get better at it again and to treat it with more respect, unlike I did last time.


Concerning Mail

If you have any magical problems or you just want to talk please follow the following rules:

  1. Do not message me without a topic in mind. I do not like empty conversations.
  2. Do not ask me to do a spell or a reading for you. I can provide instructions to certain workings if I am in the mood.
  3. Do not flirt with me. This isn't a dating website.
  4. Do not spam or troll me. Anyone who does this will be reported to the Mods.
  5. Do not ask for private information. Unless we are close friends, I am not obligated to give you any of my social media outlets from just a few conversations.

If any of these rules are broken I will not respond to you.

I actually do hate an empty mail box so please don't feel threatened by all these rules.

Always declare a clarified topic before messaging me please.


A little note...

I am no therapist, but I am still a human being and I know we all have problems. If any of you are experiencing pain, whether it be emotional or physical, do know I will always be there for you. Message me anytime you want. I know how it feels to be broken, lost, and to be deep in pain. We all should have at least one person to talk to so please know I am always here. I try my best to log in every day, but if I failed to do so, please forgive me.

Here is a list of options if your in a major crisis:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


National Coalition for the Homeless


Veterans Crisis Line


These are all American phone numbers just to let you know. There should be other options if you live outside the Unite States. A quick Google search should help in a cinch.