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Name: PapaBear
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Last Seen: Sat, 02 Jan 2021

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Brief details about our coven...

I am the current Priest of Christian Wiccans and if you wish to join please follow the steps on our main page. Any request to join without sending me an application will be ignored and denied. Our coven is a safe place for anyone practicing magicand seeking God. We are preparing classes as we speak, so don't be afraid to shoot me a message and I hope to see you soon.


About Me

Greetings! I am PapaBear, but my friends call me PBear or Pops.

I am 25 yr old who has been on this website for a very long time and is willing to answer questions when asked. I am a strong Christian who happens to practice and utilize magic within my Christian faith. Please don't match me up as a closed minded bigot. I have no problem with people having different beliefs than me and I have no intention converting people to my religion. The only intention I do have is being a good neighbor to all of those on this website and help as much as I possibly can.

My favorite pass time is writing and learning new thingsI do not consider myself as a witch but just.a generic spellcaster I will ignore everyone denying my practices and saying it's against God. Not only does that make me mad but it disclaims the path that God led me to. My practices at the moment are currently on hold due to how my life is at the moment but my path has no definite shape or structure. I do not know where my path is headed. Though I have trust in God because wherever I go I know he is with me.

I love everyone and I don't like discriminating any of people's beliefs, race, genders, or sexual identities. Those who do are ignorant and I have no time for them or their stupidity in my life. I love talking to people but please follow the rules down below before messaging me and I will see if I could get back to you as soon as possible.




Concerning Mail

If you have any magical problems or you just want to talk please follow the following rules:

  1. Do not message me without a topic in mind. I do not like empty conversations.
  2. Do not ask me to do a spell or a reading for you. I can provide instructions to certain workings if I am in the mood.
  3. Do not flirt with me. This isn't a dating website.
  4. Do not spam or troll me. Anyone who does this will be reported to the Mods.
  5. Do not ask for private information. Unless we are close friends, I am not obligated to give you any of my social media outlets from just a few conversations.

If any of these rules are broken I will not respond to you.

I actually do hate an empty mail box so please don't feel threatened by all these rules.

Always declare a clarified topic before messaging me please.


A little note...

I am no therapist, but I am still a human being and I know we all have problems. If any of you are experiencing pain, whether it be emotional or physical, do know I will always be there for you. Message me anytime you want. I know how it feels to be lost, broken, or deep in pain.We all should have at least one person to talk to so please know I am always here. I try my best to log in every day, but if I failed to do so, please forgive me.

Here is a list of options if your in a major crisis:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


National Coalition for the Homeless


Veterans Crisis Line


These are all American phone numbers just to let you know. There should be other options if you live outside the Unite States. A quick Google search should help in a cinch.