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Post # 1
Anyone ever heard of infusing an object with a tulpa's conciseness? It's probably comparable to items that are possessed by spirits. The idea is to fashion an object that can hold a conciseness to give it more direct influence with the world. Think of when someone makes a possession contract with a demon, but in this instance it can inhabit the object, not just a person temporarily.
It can be very difficult for someone to maintain a tupla in their mind or servitor in their mind, but the idea behind this is to give an entity a physical presence.
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Re: Tulpacron
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I haven't heard of it before, but I imagine it could be done. Tulpa's are thoughtform constructs, and basically work on comitting energy and dedication towards an imagined entity until it generates a certain life of its own. Dedicated writers do this all the time as the characters and worlds they create come to life in their minds. many serial writers are fond of mentioning how they aren't creating a story so much as observing one and then just writing it down.

Because they primarily exist in the mind, they exist so long as the imagination holds them. So if you were to make a personal item or effigy and labelled it as belonging to or representing the tulpa, it could exist there. Any time you saw, held, or interacted with the item it would become a personal reminder of the existence and presence of the tulpa within your mind as well, giving it new life.

Personally I would put together something personalized to the tulpa. I would base the kind of item and materials on the tulpa's image, personality, and role. I would decorate it with whatever symbols you are familiar with that might represent the tulpa as well.

As an example, if I wanted to make a 'house' for a tulpa that I wanted to act as a dream sentry, I might use a clay skull as a base (representing humanity and the mind). I would then paint it in the same color as the energy I put towards it. Likely a dark violet with contrasted highlites of gold and silver. I would then attach a bear claw or bird-of-prey feather, or maybe a small sword and other decorations to represent dreams, awareness, protection, and/or strength. I would also place sigils and other protective, empowering or dream symbols at the third eye, temples, crown, and Craniocervical Junction (where the pine normally meets the skull). As a finishing touch I might place a clear quartz crystal inside the skull as an official 'bed within the home' to contain the energy of the tulpa.

That way any time I saw the skull sitting quietly on the shelf or in the sun I would immediately think of the Tulpa and its purpose.

Hope this helps give some ideas! ^_^
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