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Help please
Post # 1
I have tried everything my spells don't work I try so hard and noting happen this is not real don't get your hopes up I want to believe I don't know what to do anything to give this up is like giving away a part of me that made me feel whole
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Re: Help please
Post # 2
What kind of spells were you trying?
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Re: Help please
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Can I ask what your history is in the subject.

How much have you studied and what kind of things have you studied prior to this?

This can change how well your spells work or whether they work at all.

The forum post: can also help identify why your spells aren't working.

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Re: Help please
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I agree, if we can get a bit more information on what kinds of spells you have been trying, we might be able to shed a little light on what is going on. there can be many reasons why the magic may be less successful than you expect.

Sometimes it is because of a misconception of magic itself and what it can do. (For example trying to work magic to physically change or gain 'powers' etc).

Other times it might just be a misunderstanding of how the results of magic manifest themselves. The benefits of a spell might be somewhat subtle sometimes, often working to create opportunities or provide a sense of awareness towards the intended goal so you can be more likely to see a chance to manifest what you want. For example working a spell to get a job won't necessarily make someone call you for an instant hire. but it might rtigger beneficial conversations among friends (or even strangers) that offer some good advice or gives you a hot tip about someone who is hiring but not advertising the position. that sort of thing. but it would still be up to you to beat the pavement, and chase those opportunities and nurture them to fruition.

And of course as a christian friend of mine once put it... "God answers all prayers. But sometimes that answer is 'no'." This can sometimes be true in the circles of magic and other spiritual studies as well.

It could also be a matter of trying to push yourself into directions that you aren't ready for yet, or otherwise trying to achieve things that don't come naturally to you yet; leaving you to either work harder at them or try a new direction that will bring you around to a potentially new perspective or avenue of growth.
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Re: Help please
Post # 5
I have been trying mostly wish spells but also beauty spells
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