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Incubus friend?

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Incubus friend?

Incubus friend?
Post # 1
I've been reading about incubus and I came to the decision that I'd like to meet/summon one. I don't really want it for the sexual thing, actually I just want him to be around me, offer me his company and make me not feel so lonely. Yes, I am aware of what I'm wishing. No, I don't wanna try to find a "human company". From what I've read, these beings can offer a really huge amount of joy to those who they enjoy sticking around. I truly want to experience this.
Again, I don't really want a sexual intercourse. I just want to know he will be there for me and enjoy my company as much as I'll enjoy his.
Thank you so much!
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Re: Incubus friend?
Post # 2
Whats incubus
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Re: Incubus friend?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
incubus is the male version of a succubus, they're sexual demons. [historically i think people in sleep paralysis would describe these demons] they feed off the energy produced by sex.

regarding summoning one, i'm not too sure [though i'm sure you can find the answer through your research] it is wise to know a much as possible when working with demons and they can be master manipulators. while i'm not about to go 'tisk tisk find a human lover' i will say succubus/incubus feed off the energy produced during sexual intercourse, so while you claim you don't want to have sex with them, you will need to find some compromise if you want one around. don't know about demons, but i've had many spirits as friends and they're very nice, occasionally i would have to focus my energy so they could take some [say they used a lot of their own or the veil was thick] but incubus feed on specific energy, so just keep that in mind.
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Re: Incubus friend?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I would advise to do some genuine research on what an incubus is. It seems you are looking for companionship from an entity you either know little about, or have some misconceptions regarding them.

When connecting with an entity, and especially when calling for one, it is very important to always bear in mind that what you are doing is calling for an archetype- a concept of qualities and behaviors based on the words you are choosing to title it. In history, Incubi and Succubi are recognized as malicious beings.

Their behavior and attitude is to appear to a man as a beautiful woman (Succubus), to seduce him- usually ending in horrific rape as their truer ugly form becomes apparent. The goal is nothing more than to harvest the 'seed' of the man.

Then, once they have achieved that goal they will become an incubus (male) to similarly seduce and/or rape a woman to plant that stolen seed into her and give birth to a new generation of demon.

Succubi are also known to prefer doing this with people who are married, to add temptation of infidelity to the list of things they like to do.

This might not be what you want, but when you call for an entity under the label/title of 'incubus', the energy of that word that you put out is based on the energy, emotion and meaning of that word. When people use the word 'Incubus' or 'Succubus', that word represents the archetype as I just described.

This is why it is very important to be aware of not just your intent, but also how you work to express that intent in magic. If such an archetype is what you are looking to connect with then go for it. If you are looking to connect with a more friendly or positive entity to keep you company/be friendly, I would suggest calling for an entity that more suits that role like a companion spirit, guide/guardian, friendly fae/nature spirit, etc. Do a little reading, look into a few different paths/practices, and look into the folklore to make sure you understand first what you want, and then what sort of entity would best fit.

In the long run it is much more beneficial to avoid trying to force feet into a shoe that doesn't fit.
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Re: Incubus friend?
Post # 5
Nekoshema thanks! I really appreciate your advice, plus it cleared my doubts about the sexual intercourse thing.
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Re: Incubus friend?
Post # 6
Spirit76, thanks for the advice! I'm aware of their hystorical definition, but I've read in some places that they're in fact not evil (at least not all of them), they can have feelings and get emotionally attached to whoever they decide to stick around, offering love and company. I still have some dubts about it (which is why I came here seeking advice), I'm really unsure about what should I do.
I think the idea of having an entity attached to me in such way made me fascinated. If what I'm seeking is truly dangerous, then do you have any other options or suggestions? What I seek is a spirit, or entity in general, that will keep me company. Not exactly as a guardian or a sacred thing, but more like a friend, or even a lover (not in the erotic way tho). I'm really fascinated and interested in the idea of having a entity by my side, that may be able to truly appreciate me. I don't know if I'm clear on this explanation (even because english is not my main language, sorry for any grammar mistakes!), but that's it. I'm waiting for a reply.
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Re: Incubus friend?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Instead of looking for a specific entity (Like an incubus or animal or angel, etc), try to word your calling towards the type of entity you are looking for. Call for an entity that will meet or fulfill a specific intent or goal.

For example in this case, when doing a calling I would ask for an entity who would be 'a being of light and love, who is willing to provide you with positive companionship and friendship.'

The trick is to be specific on the function or role of the entity you are looking for, rather than looking for a specific entity itself. This leaves it open to allow the best suited entity to choose to come to you because it wants to help you by fulfilling that role.
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Re: Incubus friend?
Post # 8
Right, it makes sense. And lastly, do you have any tips or recommendations for the calling? I've never tried something like that before. I know its essential to clear my mind, focus on what I want, do it on a quiet space, be relaxed and always, always be respectful. But I'm not sure from where I should start. Should I light candles? Say a chant? Or just my energy and my thoughts may do the work?
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Re: Incubus friend?
Post # 9
Seeing that you want an entity to be your friend. why not ask one of your Spirit Guides to give you their company? It is much safer but can be difficult
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Re: Incubus friend?
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
I would say that you have the right idea already. Do your best to use the practices you are already familiar with and, for lack of a better way to put it, start at the beginning.

I usually start by meditating for a while to think about what it is that I want, and what I hope to gain from it. This is usually what guides me the most in how i want to proceed, and/or what wording i want to use when i actually put forward my calling. From there, I might light a candle, or incense, imagining that the light and/or smoke is a guiding force to reach out to the being (or beings) that I want to connect with. It helps to say something while you light it as a way of giving a focused intent to the action.

Something like "I light this candle as I call for a friendly entity to come and give me companionship. Let this light guide you with love to my presence."

Of course this process can be as simple or as complicated as you feel comfortable with, so feel free to add any personal symbols or practices you are already familiar with to help you feel more connected with the calling. If any questions or thoughts come up feel free to send me a mail as well. My In-box is always open. ^_^
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