Astral Beings, a new Test

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Astral Beings, a new Test

Astral Beings, a new Test
Post # 1
I have been working with astral projection, trying to see if there was a possible way to call upon higher Demons in the astral plane in order to have a more "physical" experience with the entity. After about a week(4 days to be exact), I have finally gotten to a point where I am able to call different domains of demons, yet I do not know if it is safe enough to try and contact a demon of higher ranks in their domain, such as Malphas, despite my knowledge and experience with them... any ideas?
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Re: Astral Beings, a new Test
Post # 2
I don't know if you should use protection when you call upon these entities there, but I guess you should. If you are respectful I think it should be no problem, there are also some very friendly and respectful spirits of the Goetia (If, you respect them) just like Paimon, Leraje, Valefor, Vassago you could contact. I'm preety sure if you respect them they won't hurt you, they have no reason to.

I don't know if you know but, when you call upon something, you open up an energetic gateway; if this entity doesn't show up another might take their place. That's at least the case in summonings from this round...I don't know what's hapenning from the others.
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Re: Astral Beings, a new Test
Post # 3
But if it happens from the others you should use protection obviously. You could try reaching your guides for guidance too.
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Re: Astral Beings, a new Test
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I would suggest planning ahead and oodles of preparation. it may be wise to perform an honoring rite to the demon you intend to meet before making your astral attempt. Include a declaration of your intent to meet with the demon, some sort of appropriate offering of thanks for the opportunity (Especially if the demon has a history of demanding some sort of sacrifice), and a declaration of what would be the rules of the encounter. It is always good to have an established set of terms and expectations. Like arranging a formal business meeting- state your intent, your goal/what you wish to gain from the meeting, what you offer in return, what actions will be allowed or restricted, and a request for a signal of acceptance of the terms. It also never hurts to schmooze them up a bit to show your respect. Don't just identify the demon you wish to meet but also their glory and strength. At the very least it allows you to be very specific in the being you are trying to connect to.

For example I would draw and empower a formal circle, light a stick of incense or other source of slow steady smoke, then say something along these lines;

"I ask with respect to meet with the demon known to me as Malphas, mighty prince of hell, master of forty legions. Second only to Satan, known as the builder of walls and the destroyer of plans. I search for knowledge and experience, and ask for a peaceful encounter with no malice or harm. In thanks for this I offer [whatever physical offering I have prepared] . There shall be safe passage to the place of meeting, no harm during, and safe passage after with no harm to follow behind. I ask that you show me acceptance of these terms by spiraling the smoke rising before me."

Then I would wait. And I would only make the attempt at such a meeting after receiving a signal of acceptance. if i got none, I would wait and try again another time by making a new offering and setting different terms so see if they would be more in favor.
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Re: Astral Beings, a new Test
Post # 5
thank you all for your insight and guidance on some possibilities for moving forward with this test.
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