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Name: Unforsaken
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Location: Oklahoma, Jenks
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Hello, I am Michael to most who know me. My family practices a lot of different religions, so I have decent experience with a few thing concerning magick. My mother has been Wiccan for 14 years now, and my father is atheist. ________________________________ What I work with: ---------------------- . Demon works/studies . Blood magic/magick . Curses/curse work . Gem/Crystal magick . Enchanting . Banishing/cleansing spells ________________________________ I have been practicing with magick since I have been about 7 1/2, and have taken a special interest in otherworldly beings(such as demons/ celestials/ etc.). I work daily summoning(or calling upon) lesser or unnamed demons in order to study and gain knowledge first hand about the entity, and record my progress in a book I have made(sort of like a grimoire). I have done this since I was nine, usually using a ouija board (though I have been warned countless times of the dangers with the spirit board) to contact and conduct my studies. I observe things such as behavior patterns and rank them on a scale based on the threat or power within the entity. I don't consider myself to be anywhere near an expert, as I am much too young and still have much to learn in a sense of experience dealing with magick. ________________________________ - I like to be more scientific with most things I do - I am generally open with what I will believe or hear, Only as long as there is proof and reasoning behind said things (e.g. I do NOT believe in the possibilities of vampires or werewolves, until Reliable proof can be provided.). - I don't do fake with people, nor do I tolerate lies even if it's for the best. - I a great person to meet if you're open and kind with me. ( I'll always be friendly as long as your deserving) - I 'Love' learning new things and am always open to new insight. ________________________________ 'Corvus Oculum Corvi Non Eruit' - "a crow will not pull out the eye of another crow."