Calm my pet/health

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Calm my pet/health
Post # 1
I have two sister cats. One is nice (D) one and one is not so nice (P). For about two months almost every morning from 4am on (D) just keeps bothering me until I'm out of bed. Then within an hour she will be asleep for most the day. Cats will be cats, but she is almost a different animal during these mornings, and she doesn't want anything (food, play) she just sleeps. It matters so much because I'm really sick and messed up sleep just isn't doing me any good.
Do I need to calm her before bed even though she's fine? Do I need something myself to help me ignore her until I have rested? I'm also wondering if something else is going on which is weird so hear me out; my area has a decent amount of practitioners for generations. I only have dreams involving my cats and them being outside (indoor cats), no other dreams with them. D should be even more afraid of this location because there is so much more traffic within feet of her (car noise scares her). One day she wasn't even awake fully and she bolted out the door, never before or since. The dream I had this morning was me dragging her back inside, twice, and her sister attempting to leave. Cats will be cats, these timings and dreams.. I feel like something is trying to pull or lure my cats away which seems weird to even say, though they are both black and I live in an area where animals can be caught; there have been multiple animal sacrifices around town off and on.
Thank you.
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Re: Calm my pet/health
By: / Novice
Post # 2
that's terrifying! [on a side note, i love black cats, theres one for adoption at the pet store by my work i visit almost every day and if my cat wasn't such a 'king of the castle' type, or my apartment was bigger, i would snatch him up in a heartbeat. especially with Halloween coming up i'm so worried! i lived somewhere where black cats were killed every year by Christians trying to purge the devil from the town. one year my friends black cat got out on Halloween. might of been terrifying for the onlookers seeing a group of people calling for Lucifer to come home lol... we did find him like 10 minutes later, it's just funny to think about years later. twice as funny since we were all some degree of pagan]

for safety measures i would call on Bast to protect your cats. i would also consider getting your cats collars with nametags [even etch a protection symbol onto them] just in case they get out. i know many indoor cat owners who have there cat wear a collar 24/7 just in case he/she sneaks out when no one's looking [avoid bells. we got a collar for my cat when he was little, he was fine putting it on, but the second that bell rang he went insane meowing up a storm and running around the house in a frenzie. tore my arm up when i tried to get it off him, so avoid bells... reminds me, he needs a collar, he grew out of the old one]

regarding the cats behavior, i would go with the Jackson Galaxy thing of observing the cat for a few days and writing down anything [you might consider a nanny cam or something] silly as it sounds my cat did the same thing, only when we moved [i got the cat when my mom moved and couldn't take the cat with her] he began meowing all through the night unless one of us slept on the couch and left the bedroom door open. funny enough what stopped 90% of this? nightlight. we were watching this video where someone said their cat kept destroying the house at night and his wife took the cat to a pet psychologist [snicker all you want, i did, it sounds funny though it's more behaviorist] and the therapist told his wife their cat was afraid of the dark and they should plug in a nightlight, so he tried it and it worked. now we have a nightlight in the livingroom and that solves 90% of his night fussiness.

about that 4am wakeup call, i wish i could help you because i deal with the same thing. trying playing with the cat before you go to bed, or maybe changing your sleep patterns so you go to bed earlier so you wake up at 4am and had your 8 hours [as lame as that sounds going to bed at like 8pm] you might also consider waking up, feed the cat [don't turn on the lights or talk to her] then go right back to bed. you could also try giving them catnip before bed, from what i see with my cat it makes them crazy, but then they clonk right out.
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Re: Calm my pet/health
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
One thing to keep in mind as well is that cats are very much creatures of habit and routine. If the cat has gotten used to waking up (and waking the household) in the wee hours of the morning then it can be a difficult habit to change. Cats are notorious for being persistent in getting what they expect. It is like they know that us softies will cave every time if they just don't shut up until they get what they want.

One thing I have found to be an effective spot-deterrent is to make a noise-maker. Next time you make soup or something else from a can, save the can and lid. Wash them out, throw three or four small coins in the bottom, then duct-tape the lid back on to the top. Keep the can by the bed and if the cat is being frustratingly persistent grab the can and give it a solid shake. The sudden loud metallic noise usually gets your point across. At least for an hour or two anyways.

If the cat then leaves you alone for the rest of the night be sure to reward with some snuggles and breakfast. It might help change the habit into a new routine over time.
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Re: Calm my pet/health
Post # 4
Thank you both! My cats have always refused to have a collar no matter how loose or tight. I'll try to break her of the habit. I try to give her attention and play but she doesn't respond (or a dirty look) and turns her back to me to sleep.
You know maybe it's because my husband have been a little rocky and are working through it. She is a Daddys girl: look at me while calling her, then decides she won't leave her dad alone instead of coming to me. Or she walks away from me. She's been sleeping differently, some days.
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Re: Calm my pet/health
Post # 5
Ok, so I love cats, all animals really. I just wanted to point out that female cats in heat will tend to be more aggressive especially with other females. Some will act completely wild and try anything to get outside
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Re: Calm my pet/health
Post # 6
Straight line down from me by a few streets I have a friend who had two cats. Had because within the past few days his sister in law threw his two inside cats outside. One got attacked by a cyote. She told my friend "sure smells like something died in the trash." It was his 2nd cat.
Is cursing that woman too far? She has continuously done worse things then this.
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Re: Calm my pet/health
Post # 7
If you believe that there really is some force at play that wants to lure away your cats, you can use this cat blessing spell that's supposed to protect cats by calling upon the Egyptian cat goddess bast.

"Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over (name) from day to day
And guide him/her home, if (s)/he should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness
And a good life free of strife and stress."

I didn't write the spell but I believe it was written by Dorothy Morrison.

Bless it be
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Re: Calm my pet/health
Post # 8
Thank you so much, that's just what I was looking for!
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