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Post # 1
I have a quick question.. Is there a limit to how many spells you can do in a day/week? If so, how much time has to pass before doing another spell?
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Re: Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If youre doing different spells for the same intention, then thats typically discouraged. It is a sign of obsession and can cause confusion as your sending out so much energy guided different ways...very common when trying to do love work...

That being said, your energy levels and effectiveness of your casts can determine how often.

Some people truly live this lifestyle and do work for themselves and others. Ritual and casting is a part of their daily life, just like how religious people pray every day.

If its for different things or youre attacking a problem from many angles...then yes, try it out,...but only if it is part of a larger plan and you know what you can do.

Someone was asking about doing some work for the same issue they had a hired a goetic magicican to do. Under circumstances like that, if you have evoked a being to do work for you, then no stay away from doing anything that could mess with that being doing its work. The exception would be if another caster gave you work to do, ...otherwise, personally, i dont think you should more castings if youre using an evoked and properly tasked being.

What kind of work are you talking about? Can you be more specific about what it is youre up to?


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Re: Spells
Post # 3
Oh well nothing special, if I was to do a love spell for example, and then luck spell? Could I do them on the same day or have a day in between them?
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Re: Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well, magic is about committing your attention, will, effort, and energy into a particular goal. So it really depends on the individual and how much they think they can do at once. After all the magic isn't done just because the spell is completed. One must still work towards the goals set out in the magic.

In the end it depends on how well you think you can multi-task, or how many personal projects you can work on at once. Some people have good time management and can work on several projects at once. others tend to be more focused, dedicating themselves to only one or two projects at a time.

To help you guage what will work for you, consider how you do with more mundane activities. Do you enjoy having several things on the go, where you can switch your attention from one to the next and back again as the days go by... and still see them to completion? Or do you like to do one thing until it is done before moving on?
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Re: Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5
not really. there are rules people made up, like certain times, days, moon phase, planets, season can effect your spell, but it's not a law, just what that practitioner feels works.

the only real 'rules' you should factor in is if you have the energy, time, and focus to cast, say 5 spells in one day. as well as if those 5 spells work with or against each other.

you could cast a spell to grow your savings, find true love, buy a house, protect your loved ones and curse your ex, but you're sending out energy in many different directions, and it's simply wiser to focus on one thing at a time so you don't spread yourself too thing or cause the energy to get muddled [i like chocolate, garlic, chicken wings and avocado, but i wouldn't mix them together best to focus on one or two things at a time, especially if they work well together]
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Re: Spells
Post # 6
Thank you so much for your answer, they are a big help! And appreciated of course :)
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