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Ex Back love spell

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Ex Back love spell
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Ex Back love spell
Post # 1

Hello everyone, I've just joined and would like to say hi! On a more serious note, I was left devastated when my ex broke up with me a few months ago. In desperation I went online and found someone who it seems really ripped me off.

Can anyone help me with someone they know that can be trusted to do the work? Will it work?

Or if there's anyone that can explain to me if I can do something myself... I'm totally new to this.

Many thanks
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Re: Ex Back love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
a decent place to do your own research on that would be the spsreviewforum.

you have to register and get approved and there are reviews of spellcasters.

Decent spells for hire involve a consultation before they begin the work. Your experience getting ripped off is not uncommon. There are some real jerks out there who prey upon you and others at their lowest point.

Im not going to tell you who I trust, you can do your own research. I can tell you that for love work, other people casting for you is almost certainly going to fail, or things wont end up the way you thought they would.

If you want to use magick for love, which why there is like at least 75% of the traffic on this site; then youll have to go through the process of learning. Which is actually an amazing experience, but may not be your cup of tea.

Anyway, good luck, for whatever its worth, I really empathize with you and I hope it works out for you.

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Re: Ex Back love spell
Post # 3

Hi Thor,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am happy to learn, I just don't know where to start and also there is the time element too. My heart is pretty shattered and its already been a few months, so the nearer I do it, the better,
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Re: Ex Back love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I totally get what youre saying.

Check under "basics" using the forum search function, stickied threads, and articles.

If you know how to meditate and visualize already you could probably get something together for yourself right quick.

If communication is an issue then look into honey jars. Its a slow moving spell but its easy to pull off and might be helpful for your first work. Theres threads about it etc...and the components can be found at the grocery store or in your garden. Thats in the hoodoo tradition which you can learn more about as you go along.

One issue is that you describe yourself as shattered, thats a rough place to be. And I totally empathize with you, I really mean that because I know how that feels. Youll need some emotional distance to be able to let go of the energy and let it do its work. Do whatever work you do and then try to let it go. Your desire can become like a thoughtform and the desire itself will take on a life of its own. Not good.

You want to get to a place where you can do some divination, or scrying (trying to get a feel for the future...a bit...) before you do work. Pendulum/Yes/No questions work for me. I know a couple of people who do tarot and I'll trust that on occasion before I do a big work.

I hope this makes sense.

Otherwise, check out the forum I recommended and start reading the threads. Dont part with any money if you can help it.

Kylie, my vibe off you is that youre a good and gentle soul. The world needs more love in it and you truly deserve that too. I think its a wonderful thing that you want to put love back into the world to someone special to you.

I hope you figure it out on your own terms, that the best we can all hope for. But it will get resolved one way or another....its just a matter of how much time and energy YOU, the operator will need to spend with a possibly uncertain outcome.

Good luck, do your reading and if you have questions, ask.

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Re: Ex Back love spell
Post # 5
Hello dear.
My piece if advice is this. Any spell you do you need to believe in it.
As my first teacher would always tell me...
Magick is for the really desperate or really ambitious.

I started as pretty desperate. Still am sometimes.

I was excatly where you were when i casted my first spell.
Crying was ok . I prayed to Godess Aphrodite and used sexual magick as well though...

Generally you need to study . like know that you light your candles with matches. Or always light the candles the same turn.

try doing candle magick. it can be simple and very strong too. Being desperate sometimes is ok. because you pray to a deity but when you manifest a control spell its is no ok.

Goddess Aphrodite is great to work with if you are a beginner.

On my spell I started with her orphic hymn prayed to her and told her how i felt. made a bond with her . then I would go on and do my candle magick spell . Basic 9 day that i turned into 14 day spell.

pink and red candle. I didnt even write names on candles back then, i didnt know how to put oils on my candles..anything..
i would write down our names 3 times, mine on top of his, and start saying the spell three times as I would burn teh paper. I kept the paper ashes under my pillow.

I would end it with an orgasm but i wouldnt suggest you do that and i was kinda careless to do it myself.
This is a lust spell.

Ive seen great results but i also work a lot on my onw behaviour and have done more works.

You need to know te problems.
if obstacles work on them. then sweeten him up. then a love me spell. Then a binding spell.

ps. you NEED to feel close to who you are working with. Im greek and the greek gods seem familiar. But no matter how cool the spells I dont feel cool working with Ganesha.
You need to believe its going to happen.
If its a latin spell or an arabic or a hebrew you need to pronooynce CORRECT. OR the hymn of Aphrodite in ancient greek. Playing it on youtube seemed fine but i also pronoounced myself.
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Re: Ex Back love spell
Post # 6
Listen of you cant find a spell that makes you feel safe(feeling safe and cool doing teh spell is very very important so that you put all your intention in it)

Id be happy to tell you how i did mine. But it probably will not be enough to get back together and you need to know this.
You cant cast a spell on someone ,even with a demon ritual, and when they come you act like an asshole to them or do everything they hated. You need to work yourself too. As if you would do if magick didnt exist.

take care and good luck
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Re: Ex Back love spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Misc Topics.
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Re: Ex Back love spell
Post # 8

Thank you.I myself am of greek decent and feel a great affinity to the greek gods and godesses.

Don't know where to start- I have a dressed come to me candle but don't know if it's enough and not sure how to write a petition?
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Re: Ex Back love spell
Post # 9

Hi Thor

Thank you your messages of kindness especially in this time of devastation really mean alot to me. I think I am indeed a gentle and kind soul. This is all dragging and I'm heartbroken and hurting over being scammed from money quite frankly I didn't have to spare.

Actually he got in touch with me yesterday ( the voodoo guy) and said I could def get him back if I got the amount of our combined years of birth x 2 which would be near 8 grand and 16 pairs of new womens underwear and 47 x 2 red candles. The money would not be used apparently but just used for the ritual which would take place in a cemetary forest with this guy at night. I'd get back the money apparently. Guess what I don't have such money. he said he can get 4 grand of it. My instinct tells me to run- ant thoughts?

In terms of my ex obviously I reticent of anyone asking me for money now, but I have no knowledge or power to do something by myself. I have a dressed come to me candle? Could I try that but not sure what to do and what to visualise or petition.

Thank you for your help so far
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