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Pool of Infinity
Post # 1


Few days ago someone told me that in the astral plane, an infinite amount of intelligence and knowledge can be gained. Is that true? How so?

Thank you.

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Re: Pool of Infinity
Post # 2
It can but not necessarily through there. There is knowledge that is out of our imagination really.
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Re: Pool of Infinity
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
To my knowledge the closest thing to that would be the concept of the Akashic records. The idea is that there is a place where the summ total of an individual experiences learnings and karma are kept in a great personal library of sorts. And one can learn from their own record of past choices by learning to connect to this sacred hall of memory.

Though I think the image and idea are more metaphore or visualization for connecting to your internal higher Self knowledge more than it is some astral or spiritual 'library'. Either way guided meditations involving images of entering a large library, lined from floor to ceiling in books and scrolls and then holding the idea of locating, opening, and examining yours does prove to be interesting. It can be a source of guidance and introspection.

Some spiritual masters and Guru's can 'read' this Karmic information from others and tend to use it to help a student work through specific key karmic debts or desires. Naturally all of this is tied in with eastern esoteric practices like Hatha yoga.

I imagine a search or two for 'Akashic record meditation' should locate a vew visualizations to try. ^_^
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Re: Pool of Infinity
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Something I have heard about the Akashic record is that more often than not the knowledge gained is held subconsciously, and cannot necessarily be recalled at will as knowledge gained through reading a book.

I have also heard it is more conceptual, more often pertains to aspects of one's own life, and is rarely literal information about goings-on in others' lives or immediate circles. For example, it may be possible to find some information about details related to political intrigue, but more likely one would only be able to find information about their own life and growth as a person.
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Re: Pool of Infinity
Post # 5
In psychology, it is believed that there is an unlimited capacity for long term memory. I thought of this when I read what you wrote.
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Re: Pool of Infinity
Post # 6
Personally I dont know.
How ever it might just be locked up inside our heads.
We only use 10% ~ 15% of our brains capacity.
The Universe is massive ,maybe the amount of information we have locked away is the same.

Hope this helps
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Re: Pool of Infinity
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Before you continue with reading this response understand that this simply is my personal opinion; unverified personal gnosis. Consider it my two cents with my personal experiences and what I understand.

Honestly I do not know how much truth there is to the '10-15%' of our brain, however, frankly even if there was this 'Akashic records' your conscious mind would twist your experiences and the 'knowledge' gained truly wouldn't be any good unless you could both understand, explain it, and apply it.

To me the Astral plane as it is called is where by theory you fall into a deep meditation and connect to the collective conscience which is supposedly the 'Universal Mind' in which you can supposedly enact anything thought of and supposedly travel to places. Though, all in all many people say that they have experiences that they've witnessed or perceived some inexplicable things. Frankly, you couldn't really count this as accurate information as there isn't any proof scientifically backing these experience; however, this is the magical world is it not? So sometimes inexplicable things within the realm that we think is impossible can occur(no not DNA changing hoaxes, but weird phenomenons that we cannot comprehend).

I think it's more for along the lines of digging into your own subconscious to help you resolve issues that haven't been taken care of and ultimately a way to connect with the belief of your 'Higher Self'. A good tool to help you decipher dreams and something that takes awhile to get good at.

Just remember by definition intelligence is the ability to obtain and utilize knowledge. So potentially it could aid you in somethings I suppose.

From my understanding once you get into a deep enough trance you somehow raise your frequency to project a image of your energy which typically takes the form of yourself. You then are an energy imprint within the parallel plane that 'spirits' reside on. You leaving of your body is a similar feel of lucid dreaming where you are aware of what's going on in your dream. You feel much more lighter, full of life, and simply it's like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

I believe some people believe this plane to be where they can contact their patron deity as well. After all, I think it is proven spirits, which a believed to be residual energy of a deceased person who has a strong enough attachment to not cross over for some overwhelming reason remain.

So frankly like with magick it comes down to what your results are.

Though, these are simply my thoughts on the matter and a mix of my personal experiences and realizations.
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Re: Pool of Infinity
Post # 8
There is such a place and i know there's a fancy name for it. I call it the place of books. The trouble with it is that you can not control yourself inside that place. The books you are given are at random. Most of the times when i visit there, the books i am given are beyond what i should be getting. You are right to say that it is a place within the mind's eye. That is what i call the "key" to where you want to go. You should look there first in astral form. But, remember that in the place of books, you can not receive what you want. You get what is given to you and figure it out from there.
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