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If you know me personally or have known of me for a long time please keep any drama to yourself. The past is long gone we do not need to keep reminding ourselves of it when we are past the point of learning the necessary lessons and simply events we cannot change. You're human too, you make mistakes as well, so do not come to me thinking you can cast judgmentand hold grudges because that makes you worse off than me. So live your life as I do not have the time for you if you want to try and waste my time with your delusional ideals that I care about your previously hurt feelings. Like seriously it's been years grow up and move on. You aren't anybody who will affect my future and I won't bother you especially as you all are becoming a faded memory of chapter in my life which has been written and is now closed.

Now that this nonsense is out of the way we can get on to my bio which holds the reasons I am here. Greetings! I first wish to thank you for taking the time to view my profile. As you see I am WarringSoul! I was a former member of this site awhile ago, but alas I lost access to my account because I forgot both the email and password of said account. I first joined around last October per se, however, I am not new to magick. If you want to classify my path with a fancy label it would be "Eclectic"(Like Wicca and Paganism it is a plethora of many different beliefs and views; think of it as an umbrella). Though, my beliefs align with the "Do as you will; harm none" line. Christians would call it "Love one another as Jesus has loved you" overall the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. And the universal law; "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." I know bits and pieces of different things about different topics. I do not call myself knowledgeable or adept by any means. After all on a universal scale what the heck do we know, really?

What is magic? Well it is different to everyone, but what I find as a general consensus(agreement) of what Magick is it's the manifestation of your will and intent to get a reaction within the realm of possibility to produce your desired result with the aid of the cosmetic energies. Let's go with an example shall we? A businessman has an idea to build a headquarters for his company. So he reaches out to an architect. By sharing his ideas to the architect, the architect draws up the blueprint, where the blueprint now is a manifestation of the businessman's ideas, the architect after talking and coming to an agreement with the businessman contacts multiple construction companies to build the HQ. Now all the steps have been taken, the blueprint manifested, the dream becomes realized after the construction company follows the map laid before them. After several months the HQ is complete and ready for the businessman to set up shop. This explains where it all begins: an idea. Then, you visualize the steps to make the idea become manifested. After that, You proceed to put your time, effort, and Focus behind your will and intent. Finally, you proceed to take those steps and behold your will is done through your faith, pleads to the universe, and desire; the result you have yourself an HQ ready to do business. Magick is simply this. Factors will always hinder you, but if you keep putting in something you usually always get it back. That be the rule of thumb. Well once more thank you for taking the time to read. Contact me if you want to know about me. Just know, I don't aid those which have no desire to help themselves. I can only give you suggestions I cannot give you the answer and you have to figure out the solution.