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Name: Enigmawolf
Birthday: Jan 11 2001
Location: AK
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Feb 2020
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Coven Title: Priest

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My name that you may call me by is Enigma. I'm 18 and I'm the current High Priest of the Air Element Coven.?


I'm a Pansexual weirdo with no set path which is fitting I would supppse being the leader of a air based coven,?A boundless element. I'm dating my boyfriend Stormingwolf, and we will br going on two years soon. I do not reply to flirts nor to Fluffers.?


I play pokemon mainly but I do like and have my eye on a few other games and series. Anime, manga, books, writing and working are my hobbies. I work as event staffing and parking director outside my online life.?

My magick studies are all over the place as of this moment and until I get back to studying I wont have a proper list on my bio. I was born in a family with heavy spiritual activity on both sides, my aunt and paternal grandmother were mediums. Empathy and Clairvoyance and Clairaudiance run strongly on my maternal side.

?I've been told many things throughout the course of my life, that I'm a starchild, a hybrid of sorts, a reincarnation / host for a old wolf god among many other things. I'm a quarter Native Alaskan so I take inspiration from my heritage's lore and practices as well though not nearly as much as I would like.


Think of me as you will, but I will say this.?

I reflect the attitudes and energy of those I'm around, so if you treat me respectfully I?shall do the same. So on and so forth.


This bio is by no means finished and is still subject to change but thank you for taking your time to read it and may you have an excellent day.