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Name: Enigmawolf
Birthday: Jan 11
Location: Anchorage Alaska
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 09 Jul 2019
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Coven Title: Priest

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Personal Bio

I am the current Priest of the Air Element Coven:

All applications get mailed to Me AND Ulastrong.

I was not put in this position for my extensive knowledge on magic subjects that are taught in my coven. Hardly at all.

No I was promoted because I was the most active person in my coven and I was already dealing with adding new members etc.

That was back then, nowadays I teach ( in a way ) by asking questions to my members and making them think outside of the box with their studies. For the time being most of my members are slightly inactive with real life work / school. We allow this in the coven, as long as members check in and let us know how long they will be off. At AE we do want people to work and learn in the coven, but real life takes precedent over our online coven.

If you have questions about my coven, go ahead and ask me or my fellow leader and our council.

I am also the current leader of the Eastern Winds group, and I will be starting some new classes here soon


My Studies topics of interest as of today:

  • Astral Projection
  • Astrology
  • Empathy
  • Blood Magic
  • Binding's Curses and Hexing
  • Spirit workings ( I will not host a spirit for your entertainment )
  • Energy manipulation
  • Nature Magic


I am Enigmawolf, but you can call me Enigma, It's what most people call me.18 years of age, and my age doesn't mean anything to me, nor should it really to you.

There is so many ways to describe what I am like, but that wouldn't be right. So I will let my friends describe what I am like to you, or let you find out for yourself once you get to know me.

I used to think I was alone in this world, with people who didn't understand me, didn't know me, and because of this I used to think that I knew better than everyone else. When in reality I didn't know much, even about myself.That version of me is changing and learning more to make me what I am, and I know I am no where near done yet.I come off as childish and obviously very young, compared to other adults and people on this site, but do not underestimate me because I can and will eventually surpass everyone's expectations.

I have a wonderful boyfriend in my eyes ( yes I am in a gay relationship with another man ), and yes we have our flaws, but we know this and are actively working on making each other better without being horrendous to each other. Please do not ask me if I am single, nor try to flirt with me. I will shut you down. I am loyal to my Stormingwolf until the day I die, and nothing you could possibly say or do will change my mind on him. People have tried that, and failed miserably.
I have made some Awesome friends in the last two to three years, and I view them all as Brothers and Sisters, that I never got the chance to have. Mess with them in anyway and I will step up to defend them and protect them. I do not care who you are or what you think you are, I will become instant Karma on you. Just a friendly reminder.
A shout out to those who are on SoM, Love you all
( Blueghoust, Windkistune, Arin 17,Vee eve, Scarlet eyes ( aka lunar gazer ) And you too Blisshappy ) ( Agiel, you are kinda sorta on this list )The Youtube link is to Blueghoust's channel that I want to help promote for him, and the website link is to a Discord server I made, it'd be cool if you could check out both please.


Thank you for taking the time to reading my bio, it means a lot to me.

Have a wonderful day and may the sun be with you.