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Name: Enigmawolf
Location: Thinking.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Oct 2018
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Coven Title: Priest

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( I did not make nor own those links above. ) Also, I know you people stalk my profile. Feel free to chat (follow the rules though that I have) and I won't bite

Call me Enigma.

I am the current Priest of the AirElement Coven. Please, if you are interested in joining do not hesitate to ask questions.

I go by many names. I bring about change around me, it's one of my gifts.

I am a furry/scalie hybrid. Get over it. Its how I choose to express myself, like how one dyes their hair, or gets tattoos etc.

If you cannot look at me (metaphorically speaking ) then don't even bother talking to me. I am tired of people treating me poorly because I act different, I talk different, I think different. I know I won't fit in perfectly, but that does not give one the excuse to alienate me even more

I am the oddball, cast out, usually ignored because I do not meet others standards. Well, let me say this, I no longer care about fitting in your worlds. I am here to make My own world. I believe in most things people on here think fake, or fluff. Only because people have a tendency to take one facet of truth and cast away everything else.

I am Pansexual, taken By Stormingwolf. If you have a problem with that, then don't let the door hit you on the way out. I am loyal to those who earn my trust, and can just as easily turn if they break it. I also do not give peoplea lot of respect unless the can prove they need it. So far, only a few have earned my respect and undying loyalty.

Just because I don't have a ranking on this site doesn't mean I don't try, or know anything, it's just people haven't taken the time to give me a chance.

Do not test my temper, do not test my loyalty. Do not test me to meet your standards, I will never meet them, I will surpass them. But however, I will not stay in your world.

When Mailing me:

  • Please have a subject

  • No text talk

  • No bad mouthing / trolling, I will block and ignore you forever

  • No asking for spell castings, or Readings. I will not do that.

Follow these, then feel free to mail me

Magick Practices and other Studies so far: I've spent five years practicing Astral projection, and a couple of years (first year in some cases ) studying these

- Astral Projection

- Aura manipulation

- Dream magick

- Luck charms and spells

- Nature magick

- Energy manipulation

- Empathy

- Herbalism / Herbology

Those are my forte, these here below, I am just starting.

- Blood and binding magick

- Curse's and Hexs

- Chakras

- Knot magick

- Spirit workings

-Wards and Protection spells

- Wicca

- Working with Elements

Soon to be more


A shout out to my good/best friends here.

Stormingwolf: You still stay with me, and deal with me in you own way. Someday soon I hope, I will be worth it for you. I love you and thank you for all that you do.

Arin: You and I are good friends, lets keep it that way

ScarletEyes: You and I need to talk more, Message me soon please.

Dragon: I know you may not pay attention to my bio, but if you do... then Hi, and I am sorry