using poppet to heal

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Forums -> Vodou -> using poppet to heal

using poppet to heal
Post # 1
There is a person that is in lot of pain having arthritis. And the medicines given by the doctors are simply steroids which works as pain killers not a cure .Daily oil messaging effect is only temporary. I am really worried.

So then I have decided to create the voodoo poppet of that person .
Here I am listing things that I am going to fill inside :

Herbs: [ both are known for healing properties]
Virgin olive oil( known to eliminate the enzyme causing arthritis)

Identity of poppet:

Using hair and nails of the person and photo.

I am going to make the poppet from white cloth and wrap it with the person's cloth from outside.

As for the ritual requirement:

blue candles( for healing)
Salt( to draw pentagram and also for the purification of the doll)
Prayer and songs for the spirit.
Waning moon

These are the things that I will use and so I ask if there is anything more that I can add to the ritual to make it more effective. Please tell me about that.

Also that person sometimes have sharp pain in legs so can I use pins for that?

And I cannot stay with the person for long. I really want to heal her completely. I have this gut feeling that it is really going to work!
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Re: using poppet to heal
Post # 2
Everything about diet and mental condition of her is really good and she definitely wants to be cured and I think this is the reason that none of the bones have shown deformities yet unlike other people but the pain is increasing. I can't see her suffer like that. And now I think its time to use magick!
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Re: using poppet to heal
Post # 3
Also I am going to put the second pentacle of the mars [from the great pentacle of solomon] but before putting this pentacle inside the doll I am letting the person wear that first for 3 days. [ to establish the link and increasing its power.

What do you all think?
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Re: using poppet to heal
Post # 4
It sounds pretty Thorough and likely to be of some help. i you can manage it, adding a small amethyst point inside of the doll might also help. Amethyst is a very commonly recognized healing stone, and I think you could wrap it inside the doll as if the poppet's 'healing heart'. A Kyanite sliver (blue or green) would work too, as would a Herkimer Diamond, as they magnify energy and operate through balancing and purifying. If you have the fortune of owning a piece of Moldovite, that can be a similarly powerful stone to use as well.

If you want, tying a small feather onto the back of the doll with a green or blue thread would add elemental air into the mix, which could be used to represent the carrying of the energies to the person you are wanting to help heal.
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Re: using poppet to heal
Post # 5
Thank you I will tie feather for sure and i will manage to get the stone if possible.
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Re: using poppet to heal
Post # 6
The easiest one to get would be an amethyst. small ones are dirt cheap in metaphysical stores and rock-shops. (usually less than $5.00) ^_^
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