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With the help of this website I want to gain more knowledge about magick . I am very much interested into enlightenment specially the one enlightenment part 0 . It just makes me fascinated. Other than that I have been practicing ceremonial magick for two years now. I am an ecletic curious person and there are many things that I have been studying like dragon magick-chakras - crystal astrology - birth charts - numerology - animal totem - tarot cards - beast magick - Necromancy - mythology etc. Other things that I would like to say is BELIEF and INTENTIONS are the most important key to magick surely for me. I am optimistic but it greatly helps me to tackle down any problem. Never underestimate anyone surely because everyone has great hidden potential which is capable of bringing great kinetic energy. *_^ And so never lose your spirit . Be strong! My totem animal is an owl. Other than this my favourite manga is dangeki daisy and of course anime is a wonderful station which allows me to see the world and it's people with new perceptions! Also physically i love martial arts and sports they are the best way to take out stress and to keep you fresh.