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Post # 1
I just want to know if I am a witch. I have always believed in horoscopes but never really thought about witch craft. Sometimes weird things happen to me like they are magick. What do I need for basic items, what should be my first spell and how do I get a wand? Please reply for anything I should know.
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Re: New
By: / Novice
Post # 2

If you're new I'd suggest you learn the basics. The first threads in the forums, under " General Info ", will provide you with the right basic knowledge. Has you go through the forums you will find threads that will give you an idea of what magic can/can't do and how it works.

" Basic Items " can be an Athame & a wand, however you do not need these, they're an option. Has for your first spell, it's totally up to you. Some people start with healing, others with shielding, others with hexs, etc..

A lot of people consider meditation to be an essencial on their witchcraft. Mainly because it helps you concentrate on the task at hand. Grounding is also important for a lot of people, will help the concentration, reducing anything that may affect your casting ( anxiety or feeling of blockage ).

These are just tips and options has to what you can go for or not. Not all people who practice witchcraft use meditation or grounding. If you are interested I will leave a link with a detailed guide on how to ground.

Best Of Luck.

Grounding exercise:

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Re: New
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

As stated above, you should learn the basics of magick before you cast a spell, there are no beginner spells out there, all spells are spells. You don't "get" a wand, you make one, again, you should learn the basics before jumping into that. And "witch" is really just a title for those who practice witchcraft. If you want to call yourself one, do it, if you don't, don't.

The Basics Expanded:
Centering + Grounding:
How to write a spell:
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Re: New
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Witch is a title some practitioners choose to take on but it is not necessary when practicing magick if you dislike it. The qualifications for being a witch vary. Many like myself think if you study and practice magick, then you qualify. Some do special sorts of initiations or dedications to spirits or deities.

As for tools, that is rather broad and can be anything. What you use will depend on what you want to do. A bowl of water can be a tool for scrying, as can a mirror. Playing cards can be used for divining and hence, can be considered a tool as well. Stones you meditate with or special jewelry can be considered a tool too. Your finger is a tool too! It can direct energy just like a wand or athame can. You can make a stick you find on the ground into a wand if you so choose. Paint it, tie it with string, hand gems on it, go nuts! An athame can be as simple as a butter knife, dagger, hunting knife, pocket knife, etc. Use whatever you feel comfortable with.

As for spells, I do recomend some basic principals. Now see you will see people parroting, "learn the basics!" a whole bunch. What are your basics and what are everyone elses basics will likely not be the same. Different folks, different strokes. We all start at different points and that's okay. However, if you are specifically interested in spells I would recomend things like corrospondences. These can help teach you a variety of things such as days of the week, moon phases, what different herbs and gemstones do, etc. Now this is useful because it will help you determine what sort of things you want to use in a spell so you can craft your own spells!

But even before that, it's good to know what magick can and cannot do. This way you can recognize fake spells and don't end up wasting your time or being disappointed. Yes, there are such thing as fake spells. Not everything is possible with magick and knowing the limitations will help you greatly. Like when getting study material such as online sources, pdfs, books, etc you will be able to discern what is fantasy and what is credible.

I do recomend grounding, centering, and meditation, as well as visulization. See these things are good for spells yes. But they are also good for mundane life. Helping relieve stress, cope with an anxiety attack, deal with depression and negative thoughts, etc. I'm not saying these are replacements for modern medicine because they are obviously not. But they can be a supplement that goes with it which helps a lot of people as an in addition to rather than an instead of. So these have practical uses outside of metaphysics.

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