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Connecting With Gods

Forums ► Other Paths ► Connecting With Gods
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Connecting With Gods
Post # 1
Hey everyone. So I've always wanted to know which Greek God(s) or Goddess(es) I connect closely with. Based off of my personality I can say I connect with Artemis and Aphrodite but I would like to be sure. Is there a way in which I can meditate to find out which one will call out to me (if possible) thank you so much and please provide with as much information as you please!
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Re: Connecting With Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 2

While personality plays somewhat of a role in connecting to certain deities you may find that association and patronage to particular sets or individual deities may be far off from your own disposition. With this- there are plenty of personality and independent factors that create interaction and bonding with various deities and likewise divine essences.

To take note, before exploring deity work or constructing specific relationships- it often takes time and requires a ranging amount of indefinite inquiry and effort . This being the case despite if a deity(s) are giving you a holler [call] or if you are seeking/requesting succor from them.

Often when we think of relationships- we ruminate courting those we wish to 'befriend', 'entice' and so on. The same is with the Gods. You need to create some sort of mutual reciprocation of your intentions before you can request their assistance and further them into your path along with delving the relationship further. The analogy of "At least take me to dinner before" if you please. The key here is respect , even if a deity is giving you the slightest of attention in calling you forth to work with them prior.

If you have not already a sense that Artemis or Aphrodite are willing or attracted to working with you (i.e visions/dreams of them, increasing parallels of their motifs or specific occurrences in your life, or the literal feeling/remembrance of their essence and presence) then it is hard to say that they are calling out to you as of right now.

However, if you wish to start working with them, patron them or any deity(s) these are recommended ways that are each in their own: respectful, habitually a good establishment of your character, and an invitation. Remember that you are not limited to these methods nor do you have to do any or all of them to connect to the Gods. Mix and match or only do whatever seems fit/obtainable.


Offerings whether they be minerals, crystals, flowers, food, art etc. are all types of physical homage to a deity. Many offerings are meant to reflect the God/Goddess association or sometimes animistic archetype to our realm. For example, in instance of Aphrodite: roses, mint/pink coloured cloth, crystal quartz, sea shells, rose quartz and mirrors are all items that are associated with love, maritime trade and healing. Each traits which she is the embodiment of. Many times these offerings turn into altar spaces for resonating selective energy as a scared space.


Prayer can be done once or as many times as you seem fit to receive a deitys courtesy. Prayer can also be thought of as simply just talking to them as you would any guardian or teacher. Sometimes even in form of song or poem. Though prayer can be as colloquial or as elaborate as one wants- as long as reverence is still at play. Some practitioners/deity workers pray on a daily schedule while others only pray during times of aid or rites, ceremony.

This blog post on Prayer (specifically for Hellenics) might seem useful if you want to go the prayer route. Especially with the two deities you have mentioned:

  • http://hearthfirehandworks.tumblr.com/post/130930083827/greek-pagan-basics-how-to-write-a-prayer

Various Projects

We might try to appease the graces of a specific deity by doing work that they would appreciate. This being partaking in a club activity, building something new, exploring a new city or area, adopting a pet, engaging in your own new romantic relationship/friendship and more. They are activities that one would seem fit or align to a deitys own morale. Equally to that in [what] they have taught us. Paralleling our own daily work to their workings, respectfully.

Hitting the Books

Probably the best way to connect to a deity is by learning and understanding them through their written mythology and lore. Accessible by a copy of physical books and articles. This knowledge available now more than ever through the use of the internet: eBooks, PDFs, forum sites, and even some credible PCPG blogs/sources. Studying and actually reading up is an excellent way to cultivate a sense of who and what you are wishing to interact with before you conciliate their energy. As this can also enhance ones individual skill in practice and development of your personal gnosis.


With a range of time and the deity(s) themselves- they may yield/favor to your call or they may reject it either subtly or abrupt. Though this is just part of the process. A part of life. Not everything will correspond to us and that is perfectly alright . We learn, we grow, and we move on. Be patient and remember that you are the human and they are a God. You cannot fuss if they don't want anything to do with you on a personal, didatic level.

Over time if you do start to connect more and more with a deity, then these workings tend to become more frequent into our interaction, or 'honouring' of them. Meditation, dreams, visions and other messages seem to manifest additionally- along with the mutual correspondence for invocation and other activities that link you to them. Including the sensation or essence of them within our practices.

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Re: Connecting With Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Some tips if you are interested in Aphrodite and Artemis is knowing they are both Olympians. This makes them Ouranic deities and traditionally when giving them offerings you would burn them and burn incense during prayer to send them up to Olympos. Khthonic deities are like Haides and Hekate where you would bury them to send it down. Below I will link some interesting and very helpful articles which can help you on your way as a budding Hellene. May the Theoi bless you hun!








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Re: Connecting With Gods
Post # 4
Thank you so much. Both of your information are beyond helpful and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to point me in the right direction.
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Re: Connecting With Gods
Post # 5
Just yesterday, I was wondering which spirit/entity/god/demon would want to work with me. While thinking about it, it came to me that I should ask who wants to work with me instead of just deciding to work with some random being. I just asked out into the Universe that they make their name known and at that very moment, they did, loud and clear. The funny thing is that I never would have thought about this deity, but once you know about him, it seems to make perfect sense. I think this is a good way about it because you know going into it that they really want to work with you and you are not wasting your time.
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Re: Connecting With Gods
Post # 6
Wow, coincidentally i am looking into both of those gods too!
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