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Name: Vitka
Birthday: Feb 6 1999
Location: Portland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 20 Jan 2018

Membership: Contributor
Coven Title: Priestess

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About Me:

I am Nan. A Heathen , particularly a Vanatruar who studies Northern Traditions & Norse Polytheism Being said- I practice early Scandinavian and Teutonic peoples' kindred /Sami influenced tribal rites and rituals to the best of my abilities, while manipulating them to contemporary spiritual reconstruction. As I have been a practitioner for now a good majority of my life. Much of my work is utilizing a myriad of practices to commune with spirits and deities; primarily through seidhr & galdr divination(s). As well as being versed in herbalism. I largely follow the Vanafolk, few Rokkr and various wights/vaettir. Most recently I have been studying Viking burials and fertility cults.

Besides Vikings and European folklore I adore science and the outdoors. I have a passion for histology, developmental biology and parasitology. I am in an undergraduate Pre-Med/ Biology program to hopefully one day become an Anatomical Pathologist or Trauma Nurse. I likewise enjoy: hiking, white-water rafting, paddleboarding, swimming and snorkeling.

Shadows of Solitary Witches:

I am currently a member and the Priestess of the coven; Shadows of Solitary Witches, AKA The Hermit-Hole. If you have any questions regarding SoSW- feel free to either mail me, our other Priest/ess, or any of us other Hermits. We don't bite hard.

Any applications to the coven must be sent to Evynne and myself .

Skills and Interests:

Divination : Seidhr, Utiseta, Visioning, Rune sets, Svipalgangr-Fylgjur, Pathwalking/Trance Work

Calling : Galdr, Vardlokkur, Stadhagaldr, Berserkgandr (Caamora) - Svipal

Cults/Spirits : Andrusteinhiae, Disir, Landvaettir, Valkryjur, Trustuahenae, Likjamir

Holistics : Herbalism, Horticulture, Minerals, Sensory Deprivation [ASC]

General Mythology & Folklore

NTS Shamanism, Path of Flesh, Ordeal Work

Deities : All Gods and Goddesses have equal representation in lore and my practice which I wish to acknowledge. However I honor and am most familiar in my workings with:

| * Freyja* | Freyr | Angrboda | Mimir | Hela | Njordr | Vidarr | Gullveig |