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Name: peridotbunny
Birthday: Aug 8 1996
Location: New York City
Gender: Female
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Hello everyone! I will be going by my username, peridotbunny (peridot bunny) and I was hoping that this site can help me with my journey. My interest is animals, helping others, stones, moons, planets, stars, horoscopes, and nature. I am a beginner but I do feel strongly about this and it actually being a part of who I am and what I can become. Thank you and much love xo Astro Chart: Rising Sun 21 degrees Scorpio Sun 16 degrees Leo Moon 15 degrees Gemini Mercury 10 degrees Virgo Venus 01 degree Cancer Mars 09 degrees Cancer Jupiter 08 degrees Capricorn Saturn 07 degrees Aries Uranus 02 degrees Aquarius Neptune 25 degrees Capricorn Pluto 00 Sagittarius N. Node 09 degrees Libra