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Fairy Potion

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Fairy Potion
Post # 1
I have a question for this potion and here's the instructions.
You will need the following items for this spell:


This will turn you into a fairy in two weeks

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy potion'

1.get a cup and fill it up half way
2.put one spoon full of glitter in the water
3.take the scissors and cut a tiny bit of your hair off and put it in the water
4.put your necklace in the water
5.pick the type of fairy you want to be nature fairy, Animal fairy,water fairy,fire fairy,light fairy,wind fairy,love fairy,good luck fairy.
6.pick the color and design of your dress and draw it on a piece of paper
7.on the back of the paper color and design your wings
8.fold the piece of paper hamburger style two times and put it in the water
9.say this three times fairy fairy I wish to be a fairy I want to fly high in the sky I want to be a - fairy I will promise to keep this a Secret a secret that I can only tell my best of friends I wish to be a fairy so mote it be a fairy is what I want to be so mote it be
10. Take the piece of paper out and put it somewhere safe (this paper will hold your promise)
11.take the necklace out and put it on then drink the potion keep the necklace on for two hours
12.after two hours take the necklace off and put it with the piece of paper (whenever you put this necklace on you will turn into a fairy)
13.wait two weeks and sleep with the paper under your pillow for two weeks
14.take the piece of paper and put it in a safe place then put your necklace on and you will turn into a fairy
I have a question about instruction 5. I know what kind of fairy I want to be. I want to be a shape shifter fairy. Being a shape shifter fairy means that I would have the powers to turn into anything I want weather it would be some kind of animal, another human being, a character from a book or tv show. Now what names did they call shape shifting fairies and how could I use that? The instructions says to put the paper in a safe place. Now does that mean to put the paper safe for the time being untill I'm ready to put it under my pillow to sleep and is it ok if that paper is dry by then? When I take the necklace off would I turn back into my old self?
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Re: Fairy Potion
Post # 2

Nothing will turn you into a fairy, or any other sort of creature. Those types of spells are purely fiction. Learn about what real magick is.

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Re: Fairy Potion
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Sorry but as has already been said, you are a human and always will be.

Before you even think of casting spells you should be learning and studying, this will help you to differentiate between real and fantasy spells.

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Re: Fairy Potion
Post # 4
There's lots on this site that can tell you about what magick can actually do, transformation spells are not on eod them. Sorry.
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Re: Fairy Potion
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

You should always be safe about whatever you're doing; while not fatal, I don't think it's a healthy thing to be drinking glitter water as consuming something non-edible can be dangerous. Also, the reason you won't be able to turn into a fairy physically is because magic doesn't forsake science - physics, biology, chemistry and the whole shebam still apply to our physical lives. You can think of magic as something to influence daily life, though there are other uses and definitions that can be interpreted in magical practice.

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Re: Fairy Potion
By: / Novice
Post # 6
As said, no. No spell can change your DNA I'm afraid, you are human. Real magick is similar to prayer, you focus on a desired goal, then work to achieve the goal [there's more to it, but that's basically it. You focus nature energy on a specific path to bring a desired change. This change cannot contradict nature however as the energy is part of nature]

Now, regarding the reason why magick cannot turn you into a faerie I suggest you use your common sense. Take a step back, read this 'spell' and ask questions. [Should I drink glitter comes to mind] while belief in a spell is important you should also understand the spell, if some ingredients or steps in casting seem off to you, research and ask questions. [Also, not all potions are meant to be consumed, some are, others are to be worn, bathed in, carried in a bottle, so on. Potions are simply liquid spells, so anything from teas to soup, oils to lotions are considered potions]

That all said, faeries are real [well it's a strong held belief to many] they are like spirits of the earth, they are not like most faeries tales depict however, some are quite ugly and malicious. They aren't all tiny dainty humans with butterfly wings who sit on a mushroom and look sweet. They can be, but they can also be quite mean and vengeful. If you would like try looking into Fae magick and working with faeries.
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