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Name: Stabby
Birthday: Aug 7 1992
Location: Svartalfheimr
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 23 Aug 2017

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~ Evie

I chose the name Stabby out of spontaneity as I felt it was fun, though I later realized that it fit religiously as I honor the Dokkalfar of Norse lore and I feel it refers to their cultures as a whole. The poinsettia pictured above refers to an offering originally meant for them that began my relationship with the deity I know as Death.My daily life consists of Spotify, artistry, science, literature, social gaming, and coffee.

Spirituality, Religion, & Practice

Religiously, I'm a hard polytheist and omnitheist, meaning I believe in all Gods (within reason) as separate beings even if I do not recognize all of them as my own - for those that I do worship, it is easiest to call myself Norse Pagan. I lean as heavily as I can towards reconstruction for someone of Rokkatru (which is a newer religion involving Vaettr not traditionally worshipped). I also consider myself a Seidkona in working with the "bodies" of the self as well as working with spirits.

Alchemy has been a study of mine since the beginning of my conscious journey at 15 (though I did not start practice and serious study until a year later). Much of my life in thought processes and actions follow what I believe to be the core ideas of Alchemy, no matter their form - the process of betterment, the catalyst that brings forth said change, and the exploration of the unkown.

  • Death, Jormungandr, Angrboda, Fenris-Ulfr, & Hela
  • Hrimthursar, Fire Giants, Landvaettir, & Dokkalfar
  • Focus on lore, folklore, & folketro in Iceland
  • Vardlokkur, Seidr, Galdrar, & Pathwalking

Musical Whimsy

  • Mit Dem Wind ~ Faun
  • Sverker - Corvus Corax
  • Frei ~ Schandmaul
  • Starlight Grace ~ Sycross
  • Born From Hope ~ Elvellon
  • The Call ~ Miracle of Sound
  • Varulven ~ Garmarna
  • Breathe ~ Sycross
  • Glass Princess ~ Adrian Von Ziegler