Maiden/Mage Relationship

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Maiden/Mage Relationship
Post # 1
Hello everyone. I just want to warn you that this post may be lengthy, but I'm feeling desperate for opinions, insight, and maybe even some advice.

As we all most likely know, there are the three life stages: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Well, last year on this website, I made a very dear friend and he is significantly older. I won't give out ages, but I will say there is a hefty thirty year age gap. And yes, I am above 18 and did meet him when I already hit young adulthood.

This friend of mine became a spiritual mentor to me. He lives on the other side of the world from me, but we connected fast. We've been exchanging card readings and performing long distance rituals together practically since we met.

We've had an insane magickal connection. Our rituals are powerful and they work in wonderful ways in both our lives. He has taught me a lot about magick and myself since we met. He challenges my thinking and I challenge his. Currently, I'm in the Maiden stage of my life and he is in the Elder/Crone stage. Since he is not female (and he's not elderly!) I shall call him a Mage.

So...this is confession time. I have been falling madly in love with him this whole time and he has fallen madly in love with me. We admitted our attraction once, but I was in a relationship. Due to the age gap, we blocked and pushed our mutual feelings away and maintained a friendship. I recently left my relationship because my feelings for my friend have blossomed into something profound.

Him and I performed a sex magick ritual several weeks ago and of course, it has left a huge attachment. Besides that, him and I have always been inseparable. Also, the end result of our ritual has left an immense amount of positive energy. We are both much happier about ourselves and our lives.

But anyway...we sincerely feel that if a Maiden and an Elder/Mage person performs magick together, that that magick and energy will be powerful due to the duality it creates...male/female, energetic/wise, etc. Do any of you agree that it can? I can't explain every single ritual here because it'll be too long to post, but our magickal workings have insane results, always. Him and I are meeting this October as friends to figure out why we have crossed paths because we feel something more can blossom once I finish school and move out. And yes, I know how to be safe and to meet in public, of course. :)

Any opinions on the significance of the Maiden/Mage connection when they create magick together? Any conversation about this theory would be interesting.
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Re: Maiden/Mage Relationship
Post # 2
Well, the first connection obviously is the passing of knowledge from Old to New, from Master to Student, so on and so forth. This has always been a profound and connected affair in all aspects of life, those of magic and those not rooted in it.

When one needs experience and growth, it is always looked to those in of a greater station to provide them the knowledge and tools to help them. This is a bond of trust that all age groups should be able to share and act upon, as each stage has it's own lessons and wisdom that can be given.

As for the age thing, if you find yourself desiring this and he is of good intent as you believe he is good for you, go for it. Life is far too short to be concerned with things such as age. Yes, there are laws to follow and yes, there are plenty of creepy people out there, but there are just as many seeking companionship and purpose wherever they find it.

You've done the right thing and dealt with your previous relationship accordingly. Perhaps it is for the best or perhaps not. It's hard to know all the details and, at the end of the day, it's not necessary for us to know. You were honest with yourself and your previous lover. That is the best you can do.

At the end of the day, love, like magic, is deeply rooted in the heart and the soul and it's definition is different for each person. The magic you too make, physically, emotionally and spiritually, will be a beautiful thing. The contrasts yes, can bring great insight and power, but don't forsake the small things that matter. The details people pass over in the day to day. That's where the true magic is.
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