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Name: Dalugnir
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For those active enough to care or who might see this, I lament to say that I will be leaving SoM.
I enjoyed my time here and working to be a part of what perhaps sparked SoM's intent...however, I find myself needing to space myself from this place.
Perhaps it is a lack of experience with this site, but in the short year and a half since I've been here, I've not been very fond of the quality of this place.
Compared to many other sites, even the simplest of ones, SoM feels like it's lodged in the past and unfortunately, so do it's members. Many I see on the boards are not willing to accept, understand or attempt to hear what others believe. There's a large consensus that tradition and old lore cannot be broken or changed and I find it quite disturbing...
I will openly admit that I am Otherkin. I have known about this truth for a few years now and have had suspicions of it for many years before. What hurts from this site is that we are supposed to be some of the most tolerable people on this planet, yet we bicker over what we consider scientific fact, when most of what we believe goes beyond that very thing.
It is important to be grounded in reality, yes, but the sheer harshness that has been expressed for this growing group, is scary and, frankly, ignorant. Not everyone uses it for roleplay or for fantasy. Some, such as myself, have meditated and have experienced an existential crisis over it, either coming to accept it or deny it entirely.
What is worse is that the site just doesn't reach me in importance. In a world with larger media sources and capability, what we could do here feels so limited and so many seem to exploit this. Not to mention the sheer amount of power abuse that comes from the moderators here. This is, by my count, the third or fourth account I've had, previous ones being gagged for, what I can tell, stupid reasons. Reasons that any debater or real intellectual would scoff at and call them childish.
It's the culmination of these issues and problems, that I simply can't seem to care anymore. Compared to other covens, ours has almost completely fell apart without good leadership and attempts at getting help from our silent Priestess seems to fail and I just do not feel enough motivation in getting the site owner involved.
With that in mind, blessed be and namaste. I wish the best for you all.
If you wish to be in contact, please tell me who you are at the places below. I will only converse with people I directly know.
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