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Giving Everything To God.

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Giving Everything To God.

Giving Everything To God.
Post # 1
I've been studying and working with "wicca" (which I like to call just magic) for about 2 years now. I've found myself going down different paths and experimenting with different types of magic just to find that I was only getting a sample of what I wanted or was asking. I heard about the christian wiccan coven and the name alone influenced me to believe that practicing witchcraft was okay with god. But then I read the bible and I got even a better understand of things. Hearing that so many people may have made a bargain with some unacceptable spirits to get things they wanted or was asking for made me wonder should I make a bargain with non other than God to get the things I intend on receiving. After so much research in the bible I found that God wants soul, heart, mind, strength, and life from us all just to name a few. There's even more things that god asks of his people to give him so I decided to give everything to god with this one simple (I like to call) prayer. Here it goes.

"I want to give everything to God.
Make it so God has everything please.
I receive blessings."

These three sentences alone I say anytime of day or night for guidance. The first time using it after undoing all the so called sorcery I was doing I felt an immediate lift of energy and health and I was very unhealthy but that's another story. You should try it to and tell me what you think. No consecrations, idolations needed. Just these tree words. Hey you can even add amen at the end if you like.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 2
That honestly just sounds like you had a religious conversion and quit magic. I doubt that prayer is going to work the way you're expecting it to, the Christian god wants everything from you but your reward comes after you die. It doesn't help you here and now.

Now, there are witches who work with the Christian god, but I couldn't tell you what their practice includes. You might look for some of them and ask.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 3
If you belive in god so much then how can you not relised that he watches you and is ever closer, you need to believe on him and know that he is always with yiu in every situation but he will only answer when you called him. You do not need to read those incantation loud, belive and open doors of blessing. He does not want anything from anyone, everyone has free will and karma.

religion is system of beliefs, hopes, moral, developments and much more that can stable one to its condition and give insigh of things they often questioned.

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Re: Giving Everything To God.
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well, for one, "Wicca" and "magick" do not mean the same thing, so your use of the word is incorrect. Wicca is a religion. Magick is something someone practices, although there is magick everywhere practiced or not.
Now for the "giving everything to God". What do you mean? God of the Bible wants your service of unconditional love and caring for those in need. But it doesn't take belief in any god to do this. Belief is totally up to you, but I just wanted to clear up some things for you. Want to discuss more? Feel free to mail me.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 5
I think the issue comes from how easy it is to open the door for other things and especially when it comes to doctrine. The more you allow, the more you start to think it is normal and when you're rooting for one side you don't won't your teammates going to the other team. At least that's the feeling I got from it, transitioning from being so exposed to Catholicism and generally Chriatianity (born again and so on) but my family was never so actually religious and personally I still don't really believe in gods as most do (perspective wise) but I'm open minded. Anyway, the Bible actually has some nasty things to say about those who practice divination and so on, urging to cast and even commit acts of violence upon those who do, "do not let them live" sorta thing. What ever extreme you wish to go, or draw a line in between, is for you to decide. So I'd suggest only working within the Christian lines, such as the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Yahweh. Maybe even saints and do stuff like light candles and pray for loved ones and friends like the Catholics do before mass? Some parts of the bible even insist that Yahweh even hates divination, and I forget which disciple exactly but I think it was.. Paul??? But if you look it up you'll find what I mean I'm sure.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 6
Forgot to add!-- you may be thinking of surrendering yourself and letting Jesus into your heart and being a born again sort of thing and confessing or what they exactly do. Kinda like dedication. I'd suggest finding a local Church, which if you're in the states, is a fairly easy occurance just being out in the town.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 7
The reason I chose to pray giving only to god is because I was thinking more multi-cultural. Mainly meaning I didn't want a culture clash. Most religions have a god. Some even have multiple gods. Im not saying there's something wrong with giving to the lord. Maybe its all about what you believe and how you direct your energy towards that spirit but I figured that it would be more acceptable to give the credit to the highest. I used to go to church a lot but actually recently (for years) I haven't attended church. I think it's mainly because I've been focusing on my music and magic. I've met a lot of people who claim to be so "holy" and unflawed but after being around these people I've found they are quite capable of being very dishonest. Btw these people go to church every Sunday or know pastors very well.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
By: / Novice
Post # 8
well one "Christian Wicca" is a debatable term since it's two apposing religions [Christian Witchcraft would be the technical term] but believe whatever you want so long as it's not harmful.

about the prayer, while it may work for you, i feel it's due to the fact you believe in that deity, not everyone does [and not everyone follows the belief he is better than every other god or goddess in the world] so perhaps others can try it, but alter it to be specifically their deity, but i find it's not wise to call on a deity you've never met [and pointless if you don't believe in them] it's like walking up to a stranger and saying 'hey, you have a chocolate bar, i love chocolate, give me some.' plus prayer isn't exclusive to one path [i pray every day to my Goddess] Christians simply do not believe in magick [or at least perceive it as evil] so they use far more prayer and 'faith healing' over spells and magick.

next, Wicca is a religion, magick is a natural force of nature. Wiccans can use magick in their path, magick cannot use Wiccans [whatever that means lol] it's kind of like saying Baptist are water because they use it in baptisms. Wiccans may use magick in rituals, spells, or a simple circle casting, but it does not mean the term is equal to the faith. plus many paths use magick and are not Wiccan.

you do have a bit of a point with the church, just because you go every week it doesn't make you a Christian [but you should go once and a while. kind of like having a group circle, it's fun and you can compare what you enjoy more] what makes you whatever path you claim to be is your actions.

about your prayer, it sounds nice on the surface, and it might work well in a dedication ritual, or some type of fasting session, but i'm not sure how wise it is to say every single time you want/need something. it's kind of like a kid going 'if i get this toy i'll be really really good!' so i would just use it sparingly. it feels like another example of watch your wording in magick. like when someone says 'burn away my enemies' it might sound cool, but next thing you know your rivals house caught on fire. so repeatedly saying you give everything to your god, it sounds to me you need to do everything with the mindset what would my god do? [not a bad thing, it does have many positive points, but if you mess up, would your god be upset? what if you spend more time doing things your god would not?]
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 9
My belief if I was to mess up on the prayer. I could always start over because even if I made the mistake by saying Satan instead of god. Any problems I am having from messing up. Once restating those lines of prayer acceptably according to my belief I would be casting my burdens (mistakes) on god to handle.
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Re: Giving Everything To God.
Post # 10
The only reason I read the bible is because I was raised in a Christian family where as if I were around any other religion, more than likely I would've been reading that religions material. Like I believe I said earlier I was trying to be multi-cultural by not singling out a specific god but acknowledging the fact that I don't know who you are. I've only heard the people call you god.
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