"Spells to help with X"

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"Spells to help with X"
Post # 1
"Is there a spell to help with X?" (X being whatever request).

Since I've been on the site, the requests for magical answers for everything are not surprising. I was just reading someone's request for a spell to help break bad habits, and it got me thinking about what magic is, of sorts. Magic is a tool, a process of working something out. Spells or rituals help get us into the mindset or "space" in our lives to allow something to happen, or to change something, or to manifest period.

I find the path of magic is to find that mundane itself is quite magical, that WE are in fact the magic in it, and part of the magic is bringing something into the situation, or as I said, changing something. We are beings of growth and adaptation, so we should strive to grow and adapt.

I think a certain level of self-mastery could be attempted by people before choosing to go through any kind of spell, because it requires us knowing ourselves to work any kind of spell if needed. Any spell I would do for bringing finances in, am I doing it because I don't like my job? Than find a new one and the change of your own mood and attitude towards working may help you realize you have enough and be content with life, or to help better cope with a crappy situation until you can find a better alternative. It's a step, a process of learning, growing and adapting little by little in life. In the process, you learn about yourself more and your strengths and weaknesses, or strengthen something already there. (This is a hypothetical example of money magic).

So I think anybody who is resorting straight to spellwork, take a moms to to reflect why you're going to magic first. If you don't have any clue, or because you feel it's easy as saying words and performing an act, sorry, but there's more work involved, and it's including some advice parents like to try to give sometimes. If one has taken time to think and reflect and they don't have any sense of how to go about or feel comfortable in tackling something head-on, magic is a tool for that. But I wouldn't go for my hacksaw if I were trying to plane a piece of wood! It's a similar tool of cutting, but wrong job.
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Re: "Spells to help with X"
Post # 2
your points are pretty valid and you've said almost everything there is to say, but let's not forget sometimes magic is the [best] tool for the job. you can't banish or summon demons with a philip's head(not the best example, but you get the point).
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Re: "Spells to help with X"
By: / Novice
Post # 3
In a perfect world people would use magick wisely, but most [especially new] practitioners use it as a fix all. Tell them to wait a month, reflect, study and practice? That's hard! That's boring! I was my crush to love me, my grades to go up, to have thousands of dollars handed to me and have all my dreams come true now! Truth is as we get older we should gain more experience which gives wisdom and perspective and people will understand magick should be used in emergencies or for extra help, and not for every single thing under the sun.
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Re: "Spells to help with X"
Post # 4
Inanisvagus - summoning a demon with a screwdriver? What ELSE would you use for a wand or to scratch the sigils into the ground/floor? :p You don't know me! Hahahahaha!

And for ....the second responded, yes, hopefully with age comes wisdom. Life can teach you quite a bit, and your sentiment ... I agree and accept. I'm just waking up, words are t working right yet it seems... :/
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Re: "Spells to help with X"
Post # 5
Thought about something else, too, and it's in the expectation of magic and expectation of spells.

This came about from looking up a spell myself, and how it wasn't quite what I thought it would be for magic, and it struck me: we all, even practitioners as ourselves, have this stigma of what is or is not magic or magical or constitutes what we think a spell should be.

Visualization is or can be a useful neaninfgul practice for manifesting energies. It does at least focus and concentrate them for us. That is itself magical, and I hadn't respected that properly I don't think.
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