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Name: inanisvagus
Location: out of the frying pan, currently in the fire
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I am inanis vagus. if you want to know anything eles about me, then all you must do is ask. Also if you need a listening ear or witty conversation, then i'm right here.

A man walks on a path for a short distance. He gets to an unlocked gate. Because the gate is too heavy, he then walks off into the woods. The man then finds his way back to the path where he started, except a little more tired than he started off.

judging a book by its cover is pointless, except if you want something to put on your wall and stare at.- unknown

there are three things mankind has always wanted: to fly, to thrive, and to evade taxes.-unknown

i've lost my path, i've lost my way. but here i stay. to find something new i pray. an oath i made, to the man of spades. it binds me here. i'm lost i fear.

in another place, in a diferent life. you'd see my mind's still plagued with strife. if ambition i lose, what path can i chose? answers i want, for answers i pray. but pray to who i ask this day. magick burns, magick heals. holy fires can melt steel. nothing cries, nothing lies, to nothing i pray. nothing, nothing, what are you, i say.

poetry is the key to the soul. you can tell so much about some one by there poetry. so please do not copy and paste. for my my feelings aren't yours, and my key can't open your car door. thanks,

i simply must add, i LOVE puns. after all, laughter is the best mwdicine. jokin about ishues helps us solve them, joking about obsticles helps us overcome them, and joking about tragedies helps us move on.
things i'm learning
-relearning basics
things i plan on learning
-astral projection
-alchemy(chemisty but older)
-pyromancy(divination with fire)
things i know
-pythagorian theorem
i am curently searching for a path, if you would mail me about yours it would be awesome because learning about paths is best done through experience and interaction/interviewing with people from that path

i just want to thank my dear friend and former brother in the shooting blades, Demora(his name on the site is demoro24). he started me on this path and mentored me abit, i wouldn't have found the site had it not been for him.