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Curse Breaking
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Steps to effective curse removal:

  • Curse detection-
  • Don't waste your time, money, and ingredients on something that isn't real.

  • Cleansing-
  • Clearing the gunk from your energy body and your home can be an effective way to prepare the spirit for ridding itself of a curse.

  • Protection-
  • Protection is paramount after a cleansing, without protection the assailant cans imply renew their attack and 'trip you up' with ease.

  • Breaking the Trick-
  • Once you are protected, it is time to remove the metaphorical seige from about your spiritual walls.

    The following is a deeper explanation of each process, with examples.

    Divination :

    There is a variety of ways you can divine whether or not someone is 'tripping you up'.

    Candle Divination ( Capnomancy and Ceromancy ):

    You can burn a glass encased candle in the space that represents what you feel has been cursed.

  • You/Spouse/Both- Bedroom
  • Family-Living Room
  • Work: Kitchen or Business (if you can get away with that)
  • When burning in this space, done without petition or dressing, it can help to reveal the state of energy in that space. If your candle burns clean and at a normal pace, you probably aren't cursed. If your candle burns slow and sooty or the candle is constantly guttering ( check for drafts ), you may have a trick on you. Signs that should really worry you, exploding candles, forming into a fire hazard, and a quick, sooty burn. This can represent a 'potent spiritual' opposition to you.

    Cartomancy :

    This can be done with Tarot, Oracle, or playing cards. I, personally, use Tarot and this can be very personal in terms of interpretation. When it comes to this, it is best to have another do the reading, as we can be biased in our interpretations, but it is a personal choice and can be necessary ina pinch.

    Cards to be careful interpreting:

  • The Devil: This can insinuate self-enslavement, not evil or jinxing.
  • Death: This, generally, shows change, not evil or jinxing.
  • Two/Eight/Nine of Swords: You are holding yourself back and possibly that this curse is in your mind.
  • Signs to watch for:

  • Five/Seven of Swords: These imply another party and underhandedness.
  • Four of Pentacles: The same as the previous sign.
  • Five of Wands: Implies fighting and could indicate someone working against you.
  • Be sure to be mindful of card positioning and how it sits in relaiton to other cards. LISTEN TO YOUR CARDS!!!

    Cleansing :

    A feeling of being cursed can easily be caused by being spiritually 'clogged and grimy', which isn't an unusual condition if you do not practice regular cleansing. So, regardless of what turns up in your divination, consider cleansing your person and your affected space ( home, work, etc. ). A cleansing can change energy's vibrational level and get it moving through a stagnant space, which can cause a 'curse' to pass and usher in positivity and growth.

    If your reading turned up a cursed condition, you should embark on a 'deep clean'. Some will say that any kind of cleansing will do, but personally if you are feeling cursed, a 'deep cleansing' is good for the mind and spirit, strengthening your mind set and will can come in handy when 'uncrossing' yourself.

  • General Cleansing :
  • -Smudging-

    Ingredients/Items: White Sage, Cedar, or Myrrh and Frankinsense bundle, smudging bowl (any fire proof bowl will do) or abalone shell


  • Light the end of your bundle.
  • Place lit-end down in the bowl.
  • Waft the smoke in each room. This step can be augmented with tradition and prayers/chants/affirmations.
  • Waft this smoke over yourself and your husband. Prayers/affirmations/chants can be added as desired.
  • -Bell-

    Items: A small bell ( the more pleasing the note, the better )


  • Walk to each corner of the room and ring the bell. Augment with traditional directional associations and add prayers/chants/affirmations, as desired.
  • Deep Cleaning :
  • - Floor Wash and Bath -

    Ingredients: Cedar, Ginger, Red Brick Dust ( Church ), Florida Water/Hoyt's Colgone, Grave Yard Dirt ( if you do ancestral work ), other peaceful curios or ingredients. Water ( Preferably spring or natural) . Rice and cloth bag ( optional ). Ammonia ( Floor Wash ONLY )

    Bath Steps:

  • Get water to a boil.
  • Set ingredients/curios to steep and mix into the water.
  • Pour hot water into tub/basin
  • Place cloth bag of rice in water ( optional )
  • Stand in the water.
  • Rub water from head to toe.
  • Air Dry.
  • Bury rice packet in appropriate place ( Crossroads, front yard, graveyard )
  • Floor Wash Steps:

  • Boil Water.
  • Let ingredients/curios steep.
  • Rub down floors of house from top floor to bottom, from back door to front.
  • Toss excess water out the front door and into the yard.
  • These can be done individually as gentle cleansing works

    Protection :

    This next step will be the building of a fence around the field you recently cleansed, otherwise the spiritual wolves will simply stroll back in.

    Witch's Bottle :

    Ingredients: Jar, Urine, Nails, Broken Glass, Barbed Wire


  • Place the ingredients in the jar.
  • Bury the jar under your front yard or porch.
  • Fiery Protection :

    Items: Fiery protection oil, figural candle, six offertory black candles, cayenne pepper, hot sauce ( hotter the better ), black pepper.


  • Mix the cayenne, hot sauce, and black pepper in a small jar. Keep it a relatively dry mixture.
  • Dress all seven candles, figural last, with oil from tip ( near the wick ) to the base.
  • Place the six offertory candles in a protective circle, connected at their bases by the mixture from step one.
  • Place the figural candle in the center of this circle.
  • Light the candles in a clockwise motion, starting from the top, and ending with the figural candle.
  • Bury the left overs of this working in your front yard.
  • Breaking the Jinx/Curse/Trick :

    The best way to break a curse can be decided by how the trick was played. If you notice recently disturbed patches of dirt near your porch, it may be worth your time to go digging and finding a bottle of hot sauce, war water, and spanish moss. If they are working a candle/lamp, it may be best to create a poppet/doll baby that will absorb the energy of the candle/lamp as it is directed at you. This poppet once attenuated can be buried on the property in your front yard, placed on the porch or near the front door, or even kept on your person. Yet another way to break it maybe a bath worked over 21 days with the proper oils, curios, and herbs to break it. There are many ways and this is just a few. The largest deciding factor in choosing a method for breaking the trick is if you want to respond defensively or offensively.

    - Light A Candle, Write a Petition -

    Ingredients: White (or Black) pillar candle, uncrossing oil, brown paper bag, black pen


  • Load candle with petition. ( Petition writing process is in forums ) Loading is the removal of a certain of wax from the base of candle, placing items in the hole, and refilling the hole with wax. In depth processes cna be found online.
  • Dress the candle from tip to base with uncrossing oil.
  • Burn over the course of nine days.
  • Bury leftovers at crossroads before dawn and when walking away, don't look back.
  • - Egg Removal -

    Ingredients: An egg from a black hen


  • Roll the egg from head to toe, covering as much of the body as you can.
  • Take the egg and throw it at a tree at dawn.
  • Note:


    Further application of timing and numerical significance would be appropriate to strengthen your working. Such these are not included here, so that you might further study on your own. Deeper explanation and more examples of each process will be posted in the future.

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    Re: Curse Breaking
    By: / Novice
    Post # 2

    Further thoughts on 'curse detection':

    I've already described ceromancy, capnomancy, and one form of cartomancy above. There are a few other methods that I'll describe below.

    - Eggs -

    Eggs, specifically those of the black hen, have been used in Conjure and folk magic for a long time. These eggs can be used for cleansing and divination, mainly. Some people will employ eggs as container spells, but I can't attest to the efficacy of that practice. Divination using eggs is formally called oomancy, and has history in Europe before Conjure got a hold of it. It can be done at a distance or up close. A definitive pro to this is that you can get a cleansing in at the same time.

    • Egg Cleansing:
    1. Roll the egg down the body from head to toe, be sure to get the limbs.

    That's actually it for the cleansing portion. Feel free to augment this portion with prayers/chants/affirmations. I personally reccomend Psalms 37 for this, as we haven't determined the condition of the client.

    • Oomancy:
    1. Let the egg sit overnight on your altar, mantle, or under the bed. ( Optional )
    2. Break the egg into a bowl or glass with water inside.
    3. Look for symbols or shapes in the yolk and white.
    4. Dispose of properly at a crossroads.

    This process can be repeated until the egg comes 'clean' or is lacking in negative symbolism.

    - Casting Lots -

    Cleromancy, or the casting of lots, is as old as any divination system, and older still than some. Due to the personal nature of every casting set, it would be foolish to embark on a speciifc process or symbolism, but the efficacy of this method earns a spot in this post. Trust your 'bones' and listen to what they have to say, rarely will they steer you astray if you interpret them correctly.

    - Scrying -

    Scrying is done through a variety of mediums by ( water, crystal, flame, etc. ) by self-inducing a trance and is another deeply personal practice, one that requires practice and perceptivity. I don't personally reccomend doing this for yourself, because much like Tarot you can be biased in your own reading, but even more so with scrying. If you believe you are cursed going into this divination method, more so than others, you are like to end your session with confirmation. With this form of divination, remember it isn't about what you see necessarily, but can be based on emotional flares and spotaneously wandering thoughts.

    • Fire Gazing:

    This method is done through gazing into flames, be it the flame of a candle or the roar of a bonfire. Often times, the shados the cast can give clues and at other times images can seem to 'spring forth' from the flame.

    • Water Scrying:

    Generally, this method is done into a bowl, but I've known people who will go out to a lake, or even tide pools. Many people will energize their water using the full moon. At it's core, as with all scrying, the medium can be conducive to trance states, but it is the trance state that matters for this form of divination.

    This is by no means comprehensive, but it will get you started.

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